BOSIDENG Debuts Weightless Down Jacket Innovations During Milan Fashion Week with Eileen Gu and Leighton Meester

Bosideng, the world’s largest down jacket manufacturer, pushed boundaries in weightless down outerwear technology at their runway show during Milan Fashion Week at La Vigna di Leonardo, with appearances by Global Brand Ambassador Eileen Gu and actress Leighton Meester.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and La Vigna di Leonardo’s architecture, Bosideng’s collection infused elements of Chinese and Italian cultures. The show was set amidst natural pathways and preserved Milanese charm, featuring themes of Leonardo da Vinci’s visions. The collection redefined weightless down jackets as “Versatile, Weightless, Warm, Contemporary,” breathing possibilities into Chinese and Italian cultures.

Eileen Gu, Chinese American Freestyle Skier and Global Brand Ambassador of Bosideng, wears the new jacket, marking her debut on the runway for a Chinese clothing brand: “Bosideng has elevated weightless down jackets to new heights, revealing to me a world of untapped possibilities.”

Bosideng’s front row featured renowned Chinese actresses Caiyu Yang and Zhuzhu, alongside actress Leighton Meester, known from her iconic presence in the Gossip Girl television series, all bearing witness to creativity and innovation in Chinese fashion.


Technical innovations explore floral interlocking textures adorning pieces with intricate handcrafted techniques, breaking away from traditional “rib-like” stitching. Bosideng featured esteemed Italian lace craftsmanship and traditional Su embroidery from China, investing a minimum of 500 hours of craftsmanship in each piece.

Bosideng features internationally certified goose down with 700+ fill, creating outerwear both lighter and warmer than traditional down apparel. Simultaneously, three key lightweight warmth technologies were upgraded, integrating proprietary heat and moisture balance patent systems, the introduction of exclusive high-stretch fabrics, and heat feedback technologies. These achievements signify breakthroughs in crafting versatile attire suitable for all seasons across various scenarios and lifestyles.

Since 1976, Bosideng has dedicated themselves to down outerwear; this relentless commitment has earned them global recognition, certified by Euromonitor International as the world’s largest down jacket manufacturer.

Bosideng has made successive appearances at international fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and London for three years running, collaborating with acclaimed designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Takada Kenzo. From pioneering the concept of down-filled trench coats to new generation weightless down jackets, Bosideng has consistently shattered the preconceived norms of the down jacket industry and propelled Chinese fashion onto the world stage, offering a fresh perspective on Chinese creativity.


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