Dreams by Lihi Hod Fall 2024 Bridal Collection

Inspiration Behind “Petals”
Drawing from the quiet elegance of nature, the “Petals” collection is an homage to the delicate beauty of flowers. Each piece is a testament to the evocative power of floral allure, capturing the essence of their timeless charm.

Just as a flower blooms with delicate strength, petal by petal, the Dreams by Lihi Hod 2024 collection embodies a beauty that is exquisite in its simplicity, devoid of vanity and superfluous embellishments.

Details of the Collection

The collection is a symphony of balanced beauty in all its detail and restraint. Crafted with the finest soft silks and intricate French laces, each gown a story of love and elegance. Artful floral motifs dance across the fabrics, while simple silhouettes are elevated with draped details. Built-in corsets provide a structured yet comfortable fit, ensuring that every bride feels as stunning as she looks. The collection offers a new standard of minimalist elegance, showcasing the art of subtlety and sophistication.

Lihi Hod

The “Petals” Bride

The “Petals” collection is designed for the bride who moves gracefully through life, valuing quality over quantity. She is a woman who understands the power of understated elegance and cherishes moments of genuine connection. This bride is not swayed by fleeting trends but seeks a gown that reflects her authentic self. She loves elegance in its purest form and is drawn to designs that resonate with her values. For her, “Petals” is not just a bridal collection; it’s a reflection of her essence.


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