Fashion Fusion: Flying Solo’s NYFW Extravaganza – A Showcase of Cultural Diversity

Flying Solo, a prominent hub for fashion creators, left a lasting impression at this year’s edition of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Fashion enthusiasts from across the globe turned their gaze toward the vibrant streets of the Big Apple for an exhilarating fashion extravaganza. Flying Solo took center stage, shining a spotlight on over 100 gifted designers from various corners of the world.

The runway exhibitions at Flying Solo’s NYFW affair were nothing short of remarkable. They introduced a fresh approach to the fashion landscape, emphasizing diversity, originality, and global representation.

At the creative helm of this extraordinary showcase was Alina Kotsiubka, serving as the Creative Director. She applied her artistic prowess to infuse each collection with a distinctive touch, incorporating inventive designs. The event was captured in stunning detail by Getty Images, preserving every thrilling moment, every meticulous stitch, and each exceptional creation.

Flying Solo’s participation in NYFW was a tribute not only to the exceptional talent and inventiveness of designers from around the globe but also a reaffirmation of the brand’s commitment to providing an inclusive platform for fashion expression, regardless of geographical origin. The essence of Flying Solo lies in its dedication to divergence and the pursuit of novel concepts, further enhancing the unifying power of fashion across cultures and borders.

The event’s success was further enhanced through the generous support of sponsors. Boxed Water, the official water sponsor, ensured that attendees remained hydrated throughout the shows. Additionally, City Winery, an exclusive winery located in Manhattan, added a touch of sophistication by serving exquisite wines, elevating the occasion.

Furthermore, Flying Solo’s NYFW showcase garnered widespread media coverage, including a special feature on Fashion Channel, where a global audience witnessed the enchantment of Flying Solo’s presentation.

Flying Solo continues to hold a prominent position in the fashion industry, challenging conventions, dismantling barriers, and demonstrating that fashion is boundless, with endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

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Anna Wans

AnnaWans is a fashion brand that combines fashion and technology to provide customers with innovative and forward-thinking fashion items. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in both fashion and technology, ensuring that their collections are not just stylish but also reflective of a forward-thinking mindset. AnnaWans offers a wide range of fashion items, from clothing to accessories, all seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit or a unique accessory that defines your style, AnnaWans invites you to explore their catalog and discover items that resonate with your vision of the future of fashion. AnnaWans represents a world where fashion and innovation coexist, where every garment tells a story of style and technology in perfect harmony.

Dale James The Brand

Dale James the Brand, LLC, is a fashion label based in Arizona, representing more than just clothing; it embodies an artistic journey led by self-taught designer and master tailor, Dale James Hinerman. Inspired by his mother’s craftsmanship and with a background in botany emphasizing eco-friendly materials, Dale taught himself design and garment construction. His brand specializes in luxury menswear, offering unique and one-of-a-kind apparel that transcends clothing to become wearable art. Each piece reflects Dale’s artistic journey from concept to creation, suitable for special events, red carpets, or even captivating conversation pieces. Dale James the Brand combines a deep love for fashion with a desire to unite people through artistry, enriching both appearance and soul with luxury craftsmanship.

Gia Bridals

Under the visionary leadership of the award-winning Ngozi Brisibe, GIA Bridals assembles a remarkable team of exclusively female tailors, embellishment specialists, embroiderers, beadwork artisans, and designers. Nestled in the heart of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, GIA Bridals has earned the unwavering trust of brides from across the globe who seek to adorn themselves in exquisite wedding and reception dresses for their momentous day. GIA Bridals distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to professionalism and a warm, approachable demeanor. Each bride embarks on a deeply personalized journey with the brand, benefiting from exceptional one-on-one consultations. These dedicated experts become steadfast companions, guiding brides through every step of their bridal dress experience, ensuring that the gown they discover harmonizes seamlessly with their unique style and dreams for their special day. With GIA Bridals, the pursuit of bridal elegance becomes an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Kimmie Laine’s Fashion Design

Kimmie Laine’s Fashion Design specializes in creating custom gowns for individuals to shine on any occasion. They offer a diverse range of styles and colors, and what sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to customization. The team at Kimmie Laine’s Fashion Design celebrates the uniqueness of every body, meticulously crafting gowns that not only reflect personal style but also complement specific body shapes. From show-stopping evening gowns to timeless bridal dresses, they ensure a perfect fit. With their expertise in alterations, they guarantee that each gown fits flawlessly, boosting confidence and making clients look and feel amazing. Kimmie Laine’s Fashion Design offers an experience that celebrates individuality, providing gowns as unique as their clients are.

Rey Jaiteh

Rey Jaiteh, also known as Lamin Jaiteh, is the creative mind behind a Harlem-based fashion brand known for its fusion of global influences into upscale “street couture.” His journey began unexpectedly during high school when he learned sewing basics at his father’s tailoring shop in the Harlem African Market. Inspired by positive feedback, he launched his brand, focusing on luxury streetwear that caters to unique fashion sensibilities. His latest collection, Exhibit I: Experiment, diverges from his previous denim and leather focus, exploring meticulously crafted garments with a “business-casual” theme suitable for various occasions. Rey Jaiteh advises aspiring fashion brand creators to maintain a clear purpose, practice patience, trust the process, keep an open mind, explore their talents, and be prepared for hard work on the path to success.

Sneha Milan Couture

Sneha Milan Couture, headquartered in Canada, has garnered global recognition for its ability to create bespoke ensembles that are nothing short of works of art. Their unique offerings are a testament to the rich heritage of traditional Indian craftsmanship, brought to life by highly skilled artisans who infuse each piece with a touch of modernity. In their pursuit of excellence and innovation, they are thrilled to embark on a new venture into the realm of ready-to-wear collections. This expansion not only underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of the fashion industry but also signifies an exciting chapter in their brand’s growth. They eagerly anticipate the response and the opportunity to unveil their latest collection, where tradition and contemporary style seamlessly merge, creating fashion that transcends borders and captivates the hearts of individuals around the world.

Studio Moda India

Studio Moda India is a brand rooted in India, known for crafting unique styles tailored for the modern urban woman. Their commitment to sustainability and circularity sets them apart. They use sumptuous fabrics and locally handcrafted metal embellishments exclusively.The brand’s inspiration comes from a personal need for clothing that blends comfort, purity, and luxury while being socially responsible. They collaborate with NGOs, supporting them and providing a platform to showcase their skills. Their latest collection, “Tephra 101,” draws inspiration from the landscapes of Iceland, capturing the enchanting aurora borealis. All embellishments are locally handcrafted, and the designs and prints use pure natural fabrics.


TAARACH® is a fashion brand deeply rooted in heritage, craftsmanship, and ethical fashion. Their mission goes beyond style; it’s about preserving and sharing textile traditions from indigenous artisans worldwide. Each TAARACH® piece embodies centuries-old skills and stories. They believe fashion reflects our uniqueness and history. TAARACH® creations are more than products; they’re narratives woven into your life, carrying the essence of cultures and artisans’ dedication. Ethical fashion is at the core of TAARACH®. Every piece is crafted with respect, love, and ethics, delivering not just clothing but also individuality and social responsibility. What sets TAARACH® apart is its commitment to supporting the communities it collaborates with. They contribute to local children’s education and ensure the sustainability of textile traditions.

The Fur And Leather Centre

Tiara Peach, the visionary owner of “The Fur and Leather Centre,” has transformed an existing business into a sustainable luxury fashion brand. Similar to Tom Ford’s impact on Gucci, Tiara’s brand redefines everyday fashion with unapologetic luxury and sustainability.Her new collection challenges the traditional idea that fur is only for winter wear. It offers versatile, year-round pieces that capture attention and challenge old stereotypes, ushering in a fur renaissance. For aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Tiara’s advice is to believe in your dream, work tirelessly, and overcome obstacles with dedication and unwavering commitment to your vision.

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Bradelis New York, founded by Akiyo Hirakubo in 1994, is a luxury lingerie brand that blends New York style with Japanese craftsmanship. They prioritize top-quality products and exceptional service to make women feel confident and comfortable. Akiyo’s inspiration came from her experiences studying in the United States, where she realized the importance of underwear in women’s comfort and identity. She saw a gap in understanding body aesthetics between Asian and Western cultures and decided to bridge it. Akiyo aimed to merge Japanese craftsmanship with NYC style, leading to the creation of Bradelis New York. Her mission was to offer women the same insights she gained about choosing the right lingerie and to blend precision and craftsmanship with New York’s individualistic style.

Caelina Maximus

CAELINA MAXIMUS, a renowned French luxury brand, epitomizes quality, exclusivity, and timeless elegance in women’s clothing and accessories. With a strong commitment to traditional craftsmanship, every piece is meticulously made in France, upholding a standard of excellence. Founded by Céline MAXENCE, a native of Lyon, the brand empowers women to embrace their personalities with confidence. Céline’s family heritage in silk work adds to the brand’s French artistry and savoir-faire, reflected in her original yet refined designs.The brand’s logo proudly represents its heritage and dedication to French craftsmanship. CAELINA MAXIMUS isn’t just a luxury label; it’s a guardian of French elegance, an advocate of artistic expression, and a platform for women to express their individuality, inviting you to indulge in French luxury while celebrating your unique character.


Caviar Noir is not just a lingerie brand; it’s a symbol of sophistication and audacity for modern, confident women. Their designs prioritize self-confidence and empowerment, crafted with exquisite materials and expert craftsmanship. From classic to daring, their lingerie sets trends, blending cutting-edge style with timeless allure. Every piece makes a statement, whether worn for a special occasion or personal empowerment. Join the community of rule breakers and trendsetters at Caviar Noir to experience unstoppable confidence in lingerie that embodies luxury and rebellion.


Established in Brazil in approximately 2007, ECOW label was founded by sisters Renata and Silvia Drummond. Upon graduating from fashion school, they identified a gap in the market for a sustainable and socially responsible clothing brand. Drawing inspiration from Brazil’s diverse culture, they create their pieces exclusively from vegan Brazilian fabrics. ECOW label has gained a dedicated following in Brazil, thanks to its unwavering commitment to conscious principles. After a successful debut at New York Fashion Week, ECOW is now poised to capture the attention of conscientious consumers worldwide, starting with the United States.


Regina, founder of Embody Brand, draws from her experience as a professional makeup artist to create a fashion brand celebrating women’s natural beauty. Inspired by her years working closely with women, Embody Brand’s concept is to enhance rather than conceal their beauty. Regina’s latest collection draws inspiration from the mermaid princess, Ariel, featuring intricate knot and fold designs reminiscent of seashells and waves, with metallic elements resembling scales and tails, aligning with 2023 fashion trends. Her advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: develop a unique idea, believe in it wholeheartedly, and use that belief to turn your vision into reality.


FAE’s remarkable journey finds its origins in the serendipitous meeting of its founders, Bianca and Adam Bennetts, during a fateful encounter in the enchanting landscapes of Bali in 2015. What initially began as a fleeting holiday romance soon evolved into a profound and enduring love, a love that would go on to shape their shared destinies. As they embarked on the exhilarating voyage of planning their life together, the couple discovered that their hearts beat not only in harmony with each other but also in unison with a shared vision within the dynamic world of fashion. This confluence of love and shared dreams became the bedrock upon which FAE was founded. FAE represents not only the enduring bond between Bianca and Adam but also their unwavering dedication to the intricate tapestry of fashion. Within each of FAE’s creations lies the essence of their remarkable love story, infusing their designs with a unique blend of passion, creativity, and a profound commitment to the art of fashion.

OJZ Seychelles

In 2019, OJZ Seychelles was founded by Oushnajohn Labrosse Neé (Zoé) after a transformative moment following her daughter’s passing. This inspired her to pursue her dreams. OJZ Seychelles specializes in jewelry, leather bags, lingerie, upholstery, and clothing. The brand’s name, “OJZ,” is derived from Oushnajohn Zoé’s name. The concept was conceived in 2009 during her business studies. Oushnajohn’s passion for fashion design was influenced by her mother and aunt, who crafted jewelry and clothing together. She learned sewing from her aunt, and at 19, she started making jewelry to support herself through college. This eventually led to the creation of the OJZ brand.


Slaet is a fashion brand that celebrates the female silhouette and timeless aesthetics. Their designs embrace sleek, contouring silhouettes and sharp tailoring, reflecting the essence of femininity. What sets Slaet apart is its dedication to structure, exemplifying a woman’s strength and resilience. The brand is committed to comfort and self-assuredness, ensuring each garment offers a perfect fit and quality finish. Slaet represents timeless elegance and contemporary luxury, empowering the modern woman to embrace her confidence and inner beauty.

Sotto Brand

In the dynamic fashion world of Sydney, Sotto Brand is pioneering a wardrobe revolution. Led by a team of strong women, the brand began with a minimalist lingerie collection, which resonated with a discerning audience. As Sotto evolved, it expanded its offerings to include complementary apparel, all marked by a commitment to style and quality. Sotto’s distinctive feature is its dedication to accessible luxury, blending contemporary fashion with timeless wardrobe staples. They set trends by crafting seasonal edits that infuse classic pieces with a modern, fashion-forward perspective. Sotto Brand isn’t just a label; it’s a movement to redefine wardrobe essentials. With a focus on accessible luxury, modern aesthetics, and impeccable fit, they encourage you to reimagine your style one meticulously crafted piece at a time.

Sydnie Banks

In 2010, Sydnie discovered a YouTube video of Marcel Mrsán handcrafting men’s shoes, sparking her interest in leatherwork. She later apprenticed under renowned boot maker Lisa Sorell, learning that crafting cowboy boots was the ultimate leatherwork challenge. After earning an art degree, she founded Bijou Browns, creating leather baby shoes with a mission to provide comfort to women who have experienced stillbirth or infant loss. In 2014, Sydnie ventured into handbags, aiming for a deeper connection with her craft. By 2018, she was creating hand-stitched bags with meticulous attention to detail. In 2021, she sought further expertise in leather hand-stitching from master saddle stitcher Charlie Trevor in England, marking a transformative chapter in her journey. Sydnie Banks’ logo reflects her dedication and mastery, representing years of passion for leatherwork. Her creations are not just accessories but expressions of artistry and a profound connection to her craft, with each stitch telling a story.

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Mozhgan Moghanian, known as Seema, turned her childhood dream into reality by launching DresSeema, her fashion brand, in May 2023. The brand offers a collection of 12 items, including dresses and suit sets, and aims to empower women to embrace bold, colorful styles without revealing their bodies. DresSeema encourages women to express themselves freely and challenges societal norms. The new collection prioritizes wearability, simplicity, and comfort while maintaining a unique style. Mozhgan advises aspiring fashion brand owners to have a deep understanding of the industry, engage in ongoing self-education, and acquire various skills essential for managing a brand effectively, from product management to marketing and financial management. Starting a brand is a multifaceted challenge that requires dedication and attention to detail.

Gaby Prego

Gaby Prego’s journey as a fashion designer has been marked by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of unique artistic expression. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion, Gaby has established herself as a true artisan in the industry. Her latest collection is a testament to her exceptional skills and creative vision. Fringe fashion takes center stage, and Gaby’s mastery of this technique is on full display. Each piece in the collection is a work of art, painstakingly handmade to perfection. The choice of fabric is a critical element, as it plays a crucial role in achieving the desired texture and movement of the fringe. Gaby’s ability to select the perfect fabrics and materials is a testament to his deep understanding of the art of fashion.

Hiromi Asai

Hiromi Asai, a distinguished fashion designer and kimono stylist in the United States, specializes in creating exclusive styles from luxurious Japanese Kimono textiles. With a deep passion for creativity, Hiromi aims to revitalize the kimono’s presence in the fashion industry.The kimono, a symbol of Japanese tradition, faces challenges like a shrinking market and aging artisans. Hiromi Asai introduced her “Hiromi Asai & Kimono Artisan Kyoto” collection at the 2016 F/W New York Fashion Week, showcasing kimono-inspired fashion. She has since expanded into men’s wear, emphasizing high-quality outfits that seamlessly blend Kimono textiles with contemporary elegance. Hiromi Asai’s work celebrates the timeless beauty of Kimono textiles, preserving this cultural tradition in modern fashion.


Meet Jocelyn, the creative force behind Joccelyn fashion. Originally from Singapore and now based in Sydney, her brand blends striking couture with timeless classics, often featuring her own art as prints. Think bold, elegant, and dynamic. Jocelyn’s fashion isn’t just clothing; it’s wearable art meant to last for generations. Her journey into fashion stems from a deep love for it, combined with creativity and a desire to inspire others on their personal journeys. She uses her designs to explore humanity, capturing emotions, cultures, and experiences. When you wear her creations, she wants you to feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. Her latest collection, “Spiritual Awakening,” draws from her own spiritual journey, aiming to inspire others to embrace their authentic selves.

La Musa

LA MUSA is more than a fashion brand; it’s a global concept that celebrates art in all its forms. Their philosophy centers around adorning a woman’s body with art, emphasizing individuality and magnificence. Every woman is a masterpiece, and LA MUSA’s designs aim to connect women with art, making them muses in their own right. Founded by Ksyusha Danicheva in 2019, the brand’s mission is to make art accessible through clothing, empowering women to become modern muses. LA MUSA redefines the muse for the 21st-century woman, creating products meticulously crafted for women who aspire to inspire the world with their unique essence.

Mokos Fashion

Mokos is a Serbian fashion brand that celebrates the country’s artistic heritage and culture through its unique designs. Founded in Požarevac, Serbia, Mokos emerged during the global pandemic as a tribute to Serbia’s cultural scene. The brand draws inspiration from renowned Serbian painter and poet Milena Pavlović Barili, infusing traditional motifs and techniques with contemporary styles. Mokos’ collections reflect the designer’s passion for both art and fashion, aiming to adorn and celebrate Serbia’s rich heritage. This venture is not just a profession but a dream come true, providing creative freedom while supporting Serbia’s cultural community. Mokos invites you to explore its collections and experience the beauty of Serbian culture through fashion.


Nicó Perez, a native of South Texas, discovered his passion for fashion design at a young age. At age 7, he loved sketching fanciful gowns until a teacher discouraged him, but a supportive high school instructor reignited his passion. Perez pursued his love for fashion, and after honing his skills, he launched his couture brand, Nicó, in 2017. Based in Austin, he creates hand-sewn evening and bridal wear using bold textiles like taffeta, tulle, and dupioni. Perez describes his aesthetic as “delicate yet gritty,” paying homage to his Tejano roots with a touch of rugged charm. His designs reflect the heart and soul of Texas, capturing its unique blend of sweetness and toughness.


Takei is a renowned lifestyle brand that elevates everyday life with luxury collections encompassing nightwear, daily wear, and bedding. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its exclusive use of organic materials like silk and cashmere. Backed by over 25 years of textile industry experience, Takei’s expert craftsmen create garments of unparalleled quality and artistry. The brand has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, GQ, and National Geographic Traveler and made its mark at New York Fashion Week in 2022. Takei’s philosophy revolves around a passion for sustainable materials, with silk pajamas and cashmere garments reflecting the pinnacle of quality and sustainability. Their product line includes silk pajamas, robes, cashmere sweaters, and scarves, making them perfect indulgences or thoughtful gifts. Experience the allure of Takei’s luxurious offerings and discover the secrets that await in Night Secret Life.

Tube Gallery

In the ever-evolving fashion world, Bangkok-based designers Saxit Pisalasupongs and Phisit Jongnarangsin have made a significant impact with their avant-garde label, Tube Gallery. Their brand combines drama and fun with ready-to-wear luxury. Tube Gallery has showcased its creations in prestigious fashion capitals globally, and their designs have been worn by celebrities like Kimberley Walsh, Ashley Roberts, AME, and Paloma Faith. They’ve also been involved in notable TV shows and theater productions, earning accolades and recognition for their creativity. One of their most memorable moments was creating regal costumes for the royal ballet ‘Manorah’ during the royal cremation ceremony of His Majesty King Rama IX in 2017. Tube Gallery isn’t just a fashion brand; it’s a testament to the power of imagination and innovation in the world of style.


Tiana Van is a highly experienced figure in the Australian bridal industry. She began her career as an assistant designer, then worked as the head machinist at Pallas Couture, and later joined J.Andreatta as the first employee and main pattern maker. Tiana’s vision for Valusta Bridal is to create a sanctuary of artistry, sophistication, and precision in wedding gown design, blending Italian and European styles. Valusta Bridal stands out due to Tiana’s commitment to excellence and a professional team dedicated to meticulous attention to detail and international quality standards. Valusta Bridal creates cherished memories by crafting wedding gowns that celebrate the unique beauty of each bride. Tiana Van and Valusta Couture are symbols of elegance and sophistication in the bridal fashion world, ready to bring your dream gown to life.


Meet Crystal Zhang, the creative force behind YǓNIVERSE, a high-end fashion brand established in 2022. Crystal, a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, combines fashion and fine art to craft unique wearable art through imaginative textile manipulation. YǓNIVERSE caters to women aged around 20 to 40, inspiring confidence and authenticity. Crystal’s fashion journey began with a childhood dream and a deep passion for fashion. Her brand, YǓNIVERSE, draws inspiration from her experiences with body image, challenging traditional fashion norms related to gender, age, and body shape. The latest collection, “Confidence in Bloom,” celebrates individuality, blending elements from ancient Chinese decorative arts with delicate floral embroidery and 3D textures. Sustainability is a key focus, with designs crafted to minimize waste and maximize usability and longevity.


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