Fashion Week Studio During Paris Fashion Week Day 1 – 27 September 2023

Paris Fashion Week, the epitome of global fashion excellence, dazzled audiences with an extraordinary showcase of creativity, innovation, and elegance. This year’s event was graced by the presence of renowned models Prissy Gomes, Maggi Ndrio, and Karolina Wozniak, walking the runway. The event featured a diverse lineup of exceptionally talented designers from around the world, each showcasing their unique perspective and style.

Leading the charge was Butoni Limited, founded by the visionary Indonesian designer Mardiana Ika Butoni. Butoni Limited’s collection was a testament to timeless elegance, showcasing meticulously crafted garments that seamlessly blended tradition with modern sensibilities. Ika Butoni and her partner, John Keilman, passionately spearheaded a collection that celebrated femininity through intricately detailed dresses and headpieces.

Crystal Clarissa Couture presented powerful modern femininity through artful silhouettes. The collection was not merely about clothing; it was an artistic expression, where each piece became a canvas reflecting the brand’s unique vision. Beautiful headpieces adorned the models, adding an ethereal touch to the already enchanting ensembles. The dresses, meticulously crafted, featured detailed embellishments that told stories of craftsmanship and creativity, captivating the audience with their elaborate designs.

Maryallé took Paris Fashion Week by storm with its powerful modern femininity and artful innovation. Michelle Maryam’s designs featured bold colors, asymmetrical cuts, and captivating shapes, empowering women to embrace their unique selves with confidence and grace. The collection was a harmonious fusion of thoughtfulness and playfulness, creating an atmosphere of sophistication on the runway.

Fashion Week Studio

Carmen Klooren’s designs epitomized sustainable luxury. Hand-crafted in an Estonian Atelier, Carmen Klooren’s collection embraced classic silhouettes with a sensual touch, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability by using deadstock textiles and handmade garments. The designs radiated glamor with alluring opera gloves and striking pink pieces, capturing the essence of femininity with impeccable detailing and craftsmanship.

Tibaeg’s Paris Fashion Week debut was a poetic exploration of colors and graphics. Inspired by tender human experiences, Tibaeg’s designs featured multifarious and vibrant graphics complemented by shades of blue, creating an enchanting aura on the runway. The collection celebrated elegance and romance, evoking a sense of nostalgia with its unique colors and graphic elements inspired by nature.

House of Decorum made a definitive statement at Paris Fashion Week by showcasing a vibrant array of colorful suits ranging from yellow, pink, and green, all adorned with beautiful accessories. Their collection not only underscored the significance of impeccably tailored suits but also highlighted the incorporation of bold hues and accessories, elevating the standards in the fashion industry. The Decorum Stylists curated a look that exuded confidence and style, leaving an enduring impact on the corporate fashion landscape.

Nasim Akhavan’s designs transcended conventional boundaries, celebrating the harmonious union of masculinity and femininity. With daring cuts, monochromatic palettes, and fearless silhouettes crafted from luxurious materials, Akhavan’s collection made a striking impression on the Paris runway.

By Vel’s Ukrainian collection embodied experimentation and fearlessness, appealing to individuals unafraid to stand out. The beautiful floral designs, flowing ruffled layers, and captivating headpieces showcased a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Belle Togs, established in 2021 by Keke Moeca, showcased South African elegance and classic style at Paris Fashion Week. Their collection, rooted in the essence of the wild, featured stunning animal and floral prints in vibrant hues of purple, yellow, and green. The designs seamlessly merged the untamed beauty of the natural world with the sophistication of high fashion.

Belle Togs‘ commitment to embracing life’s moments was evident in every piece, ensuring that wearers felt not only confident but also deeply connected to the beauty of the world around them.

Paris Fashion Week 2023 was a celebration of innovation, tradition, and artistic vision. The designers who were featured on the runway not only showcased their remarkable talent but also inspired fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Their creativity continues to push boundaries and redefine the fashion landscape.


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