Fashion Week Studio PFW DAY 2 – 28 September 2023

Paris Fashion Week came to life in a spectacular burst of creativity as renowned and emerging designers from around the world showcased their latest collections.

The event, held at the prestigious Westin Vendôme, witnessed an array of breathtaking designs, each telling a unique story and capturing the essence of haute couture.

Funari NY made waves at Paris Fashion Week with its groundbreaking ethical and sustainable collection, uniting elegance and edginess in a truly distinctive manner. The brand’s eco-couture designs, meticulously crafted from recycled fibers and exclusive fabrics, not only demonstrated a commitment to sustainability but also radiated confidence. What set Funari NY apart were its bold and eccentric designs, showcasing an incredible array of materials and layers. The collection’s innovative approach, coupled with matching outfits for dogs, added a unique and imaginative flair.

Fashion Week Studio

Hirun Bangkok’s showcase was a symphony of intriguing silhouettes that challenged convention, pushing the boundaries of what fashion could be. Bold prints and textures played a central role in this sartorial journey, adding an element of surprise and visual intrigue to every look that graced the runway. The collection reached its pinnacle with a breathtaking finale—a stunning and classic gown with golden hues that left an indelible mark on Paris Fashion Week.

Shekhar Rahate’s showcase featured a stunning array of gowns in a kaleidoscope of colors, from regal purples to vibrant reds, each one an ode to elegance and opulence. The use of translucent fabrics lent an ethereal quality to his creations, evoking a sense of timeless beauty. The incorporation of hoods and capes added a touch of mystique and drama to the ensemble, elevating the haute couture experience to new heights.

Don Design’s collection struck a perfect balance between high-end luxury and streetwear sensibilities. The runway came alive with black leather sets exuding an air of extravagance, seamlessly paired with blinging jewelry that added a touch of style to the street-inspired aesthetic. Each ensemble was meticulously crafted, embodying the essence of modern elegance infused with an edgy, urban vibe.

Elena Pulido, the self-taught designer behind Elena Collection, showcased her dedication to creating quality, handcrafted gowns. In addition to the breathtaking gowns, Elena introduced a collection of complementary headpieces, ruffles, and intricate embellishments, elevating her designs with an additional touch of grace and sophistication. The integration of these elements not only heightened the overall visual appeal but also showcased Elena’s ingenuity and inventive flair.

At the heart of Broccoli Tree Designs’ ethos lies the fusion of chic, contemporary luxury. The brand proudly showcases streetwear elegance through its sophisticated coats, reflecting a harmonious mix of urban style and high fashion. The palette embraces cream and neutral colors, imparting a timeless aura to their creations. The runway came alive with the presence of renowned model Julia Bark, epitomizing the brand’s commitment to excellence. Handmade in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, this brand redefines the fashion landscape with their unique styles, resonating with the rich heritage of Italy while embracing modernity. Together, they weave a narrative of creativity, style, and classic appeal, redefining fashion for the discerning Audience.

Zelovva in collaboration with PGK, SMOPI, POYZ Skin presented “Roise” which is about Passion pour la mode. Their fascinating collection of bright colors such as pink, blue and silver wowed the public. The black laced dress with the blue rose was amongst one of the crowd’s favorites of the collection. The beautiful pink dress with the three roses adorned to the left side reminded the public of the elegance of a woman with an added touch of spice. Zelovva from Jakarta, Indonesia, has left us in awe and we are all looking forward to seeing more of future creations.

Since 1996, Dante has been passionately designing and handcrafting premium shoes to those who adore to stand out with style as a way of living. Each pair of shoes is brought to life in León, Mexico by a team of artisans. Dante is 100% leather, it’s about the style for sure, but the comfort is of equal importance. The new collection was welcomed profusely and someone in the crowd yelled, “you can’t go out without your Dante’s,” when renowned model Prissy Gomez appeared on the runway with a chic but hip pair of Dante boots. Everyone loved this collection and are all hurrying to get their own pair of Dante’s.

Lucky O’s, showcased along Dante adorning the models with their beautiful and original jewelry made in Mexico City. A few pieces really stood out, a gorgeous white pearl looking necklace adorned the beautiful model Tamara Oswald, while model Zulema Vasquez wore a more discreet and very elegant pair of earrings accompanied by a chic necklace layered in three parts. The collection can fit all occasions, from a day at the beach to an evening at a gala. We are all looking forward to seeing more creations from Lucky O’s.

Dumebi Fashion showcased a collection with a distinctive charm that lies in its unique prints, inspired by Barbara’s personal journey living with sickle cell. Despite obstacles and trials, Barbara’s designs reflect the spirit of rising from the ashes and emerging as the best version of oneself. In this extraordinary collection, Dumebi Fashion showcases hand-drawn prints on luxurious 100% silk satin and silk chiffon fabrics. Each piece is meticulously adorned with freehand embroidered Phoenix motifs and embellishments. Barbara’s creative vision, coupled with her determination, breathes life into every garment, embodying a story of transformation, strength, and beauty.

Sarayaa mesmerized the audience with their collection’s contemporary and glamorous evening dresses. Each creation, painstakingly crafted with intricate details, embodied the brand’s unwavering dedication to perfection. The collection featured flowy, majestic dresses, adorned with intricate patterns and interesting cuts, representing the rich cultural heritage of Senegal. V-neck cuts added a touch of sophistication to the designs, making every piece a testament to Sarayaa’s artistic prowess and their commitment to capturing the essence of modern elegance. The crowd cried as they watched Safietou’s moving collection.

Los Angeles based brand, April Black Diamond, presented an astonishing collection of bridal gowns that transported the audience into a fairy tale. The famed model Zarina Yeva, walked down the runway wearing a regal corseted gown, adorned with beading and sequins, laced sleeves with puffy shoulders and what appeared to be flowers shaped leaf positioned above the majestic skirt. This was paired with statement earrings and a breathtaking crown. Voluminous skirts, royal trains, lace, beading, crystals, regal crowns is how the story was told. The models walked down the runway in these incredible wedding dresses and there could have not been a better setting for these than the historical room at the Westin Vendôme, located in the very center of Paris.

Erin Fader, a distinguished American jewelry designer and gemologist, offers an unparalleled fusion of empowerment and style, making it the ultimate everyday armor for the modern individual. This contemporary collection embodies the essence of luxury, with a striking black-on-black palette that exudes sophistication and allure. The jewelry and accessories are designed to accentuate modern luxury, offering a fresh perspective on enduring elegance. Picture bold contrasts – a vibrant red fluffy coat paired with sleek black lacy tights – a combination that effortlessly embodies opulence and chic fashion. Erin Fader Jewelry is not merely an accessory; it’s an embodiment of contemporary glamor and daring expression.

Tete Rosado from Mexico, in Tabasco, the extraordinary mother and daughter duo brought to the runway authentic glamor and elegance that was reminiscent of an era when women truly embraced their femininity. The couture collection exuded luxury and beauty, with shades of nudes & gold, sequins, crystals perfectly placed on each gown creating the perfect patterns. We were amazed by a rich red, tulle & sheer corseted gown with gloves, revealing the most beautiful curves of women, done so elegantly that any woman would feel truly empowered and confident to embrace her beauty. The stunning Miss Universe Costa Rica, Karina Ramos, opened the show with such a strong and confident walk which was a testament to how Tete Rosado’s gown makes women feel. One of the pieces that deserved a standing ovation was a corseted ball gown with bold red roses imprinted on the finest silk fabric, the perfect added detail of the thin black waist belt paired with incredibly well crafted oversized roses as arm accessories. This piece was truly walking art. Tete Rosado made their mark on the European market and left the audience hoping to see more of their sensational duo next season.

Narciza Severa, closed the show of the Paris Fashion Week Studio season with an extraordinary statement. A bright & vivid collection to say the least, as the models walked down the runway, the crowd rejoiced in happiness and glamor. Originally from Merida, Yucatan, Saúl left his hometown at the age of 17 to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer in Monterrey, Mexico. Saúl’s passion for fashion is reflected in every piece that he creates through his contemporary and glamorous style, handcrafted details, and commitment to perfection. The show was attended by an array of social media influencers, press, buyers, VIPs, and models, including Prissy Gomez, World Next Top Model for France, fashion model Malloryca Ballero, Zarina Yeva, and none other than public figure Priscila Escoto. Beaded and corseted dresses, ruffles, feathers, elegant bows, bright pinks, blues, bold greens, yellows and oranges was the mood of the season. The show was nothing short of a sensational couture occasion, cementing Narciza Severa’s place as one of the rising stars of the fashion world taking over the European stage now for the second consecutive season.

Finally we were thrilled to have had the honor of launching Tobi Rubinstein’s The House of Faith and Fashion II book at Paris Fashion Week SS24! This book is a continuation of essays and conversations that fuse two subjects that should be opposed to each other yet live harmoniously within these pages. The goal of this book is to reveal G-d’s presence in fashion, jewelry, beauty and lifestyle, viewed through the spiritual lens of Jewish and other religious teachings, therefore elevating the creative process by divine inspiration.

As the curtains close on this extraordinary Paris Fashion Week 2023, the world has witnessed a convergence of visionaries who have redefined the boundaries of fashion.


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