Flying Solo: Elevating Fashion Designers at Paris Fashion Week

Tn the esteemed realm of Paris Fashion Week, Flying Solo emerged as a beacon of innovation and creativity, capturing the attention of the global fashion community. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing emerging talent, Flying Solo orchestrated a remarkable runway show at the prestigious Galerie De Bourbon, situated near the iconic Arch de Triumph, featuring a curated selection of over 70 budding designers.

Under the visionary guidance of Creative Director Alina Kotsiuba, the runway transformed into a canvas where clothing and accessories seamlessly melded, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Each meticulously crafted ensemble and accessory was a testament to the dedication of the designers, capturing the intricacies of their craftsmanship and artistic vision. Renowned photographer Riccardo Piazza skillfully documented this spectacle, immortalizing the essence of creativity and innovation.

Simultaneously, PR Director Bayr Ubushi executed a strategic campaign that resonated within the fashion circles of Paris and reverberated across the international fashion landscape, amplifying Flying Solo’s influence and reach.

Following the runway extravaganza, Flying Solo proudly inaugurated its inaugural Paris store, marking a significant milestone. This strategic move not only showcased the platform’s dedication to making cutting-edge fashion accessible but also reinforced its position as a transformative force in the industry.

Flying Solo’s debut at Paris Fashion Week was more than a showcase; it was a testament to the platform’s unwavering dedication to fostering creativity and collaboration. By providing a global stage for emerging designers, Flying Solo is reshaping the fashion landscape, ushering in a new era of inclusivity, innovation, and professionalism. The runway, the store, the strategic campaigns – they all underscore Flying Solo’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the fashion industry, making it a more sophisticated, diverse, and inspiring domain for designers and enthusiasts alike.



Becks, a German residing in sunny Brisbane, launched her brand 2MUCH! during the pandemic. Inspired by her background in fashion photography and a desire to infuse Brisbane with Berlin’s urban edge, she created a line that’s deliberately “too much” – blending high-quality functionality with urban edginess. The brand encourages customers to stand out from the crowd by mixing 2MUCH! pieces with their existing wardrobe or going for a full 2MUCH! look. The new collection draws inspiration from Berlin’s club and ’90s rave scene, offering a unique after-Berghain vibe. What sets it apart is the use of exclusive fabrics, handmade designs, and vibrant colors, all crafted with love and passion in Brisbane. Becks emphasizes the importance of building a supportive team as the foundation for a successful fashion business.

Ekaterina Lambert

Ekaterina Lambert, hailing from Russia and inspired by her early love for fashion, ventured into the industry as a model. A pivotal moment during a Zandra Rhodes show solidified her passion for design. In 2019, she founded her eponymous brand, celebrated for its fusion of reality and fantasy. Ekaterina’s latest collection draws from the tale of twin birds, beautifully depicting their connected yet contrasting lives. Her advice to aspiring designers emphasizes passion, understanding the audience, and the persistence to transform dreams into reality. Through her brand, Ekaterina Lambert not only creates stunning fashion but also encourages others to fearlessly pursue their creative ambitions.


Maria, the creative force behind Fluo Fashion, embarked on her journey driven by a desire for clothing that echoed her unique identity. Recognizing the shared sentiment among many, she transformed her passion into a brand, aiming to offer a platform for self-expression and individuality. Fluo Fashion stands as a testament to embracing authenticity and boldness in fashion. Maria’s inaugural collection, “Inception,” defies conventions by drawing inspiration from diverse sources, ideas, and styles. This unique approach surprises and engages the audience, catering to various tastes and preferences. To aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Maria’s advice is clear: Embrace your unique vision and turn it into reality. By empowering others to express themselves, creativity can truly thrive.

Lizzy Gee

Elizabeth Gee, the visionary behind the brand Lizzy Gee, has been a creator from a young age. Moving from coloring rainbows on her legs to crafting entire fashion collections, she pursued her dream of creating a sustainable, inclusive fashion brand. Lizzy Gee, founded in 2018, is an inclusive, sustainable fashion label celebrating all sizes, genders, and occasions. The brand’s designs are gender-free and made to order, emphasizing original engineered textiles and illustrated print designs. Their work engages with female empowerment and challenges restrictive definitions of masculinity, ultimately designing for personalities, not demographics. Sustainability is at the core, with 90% of designs handmade in NYC using recycled, upcycled, deadstock, and zero-waste materials. Lizzy Gee’s mission is to enhance individual expression and universal humanity through inclusive, sustainable fashion. The upcoming collection, “Overgrown Opalescence,” explores the dichotomy of pollution and nature’s ability to reclaim its power, incorporating innovative design processes.


Rodrique, the visionary behind R-Company, drew inspiration from childhood daydreams, turning his ideas into a reality. His brand aims to empower people through training and fashion, emphasizing the transformative power of hard work. The message is clear: strive to be the best version of yourself every day. His new collection blends Japanese and European styles, aiming to instill confidence and elegance in those who wear it. His advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: Be brave, trust your instincts, and pursue your dreams fearlessly.


Rylee Bowman, CEO of RyleeB, found her passion for fashion and self-expression through clothing and art. Her brand encourages women to embrace their individuality, be bold, and dress for themselves, challenging societal expectations. Inspired by empowering confident women, her debut collection challenges the stereotype of outspoken women being labeled as toxic. Her advice: Start your fashion journey now, embrace your unique vision, and share your story through clothing.


Danisha Brown, founder of SWIM WITH POPPIES, pursued her passion for fashion design inspired by childhood drawings and her mother’s lingerie work. The brand symbolizes embracing dreams and memories, encouraging authenticity and self-expression. The latest collection combines nostalgic lingerie elements, vibrant colors, and unique silhouettes, telling a story of embracing girlhood while becoming a woman. Danisha’s advice: Start a brand driven by passion and purpose, not just for profit.

The Pink Portal

The Pink Portal, founded in 2020, began with a vision of providing intimate wear for all body types, especially curvier bodies. As the brand evolved, it became a symbol of empowerment for women, challenging societal norms and embracing diversity. The founder, with a background in law, marketing, and women’s studies, aimed to empower women to embrace their entire selves, starting with self-love. The brand deliberately avoids typical models and body types, advocating that respect for women should not be based on outward appearance. The new collection draws inspiration from older Yoruba women’s lace African attire and the pearls worn by women in the 1920s. The brand’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to take the leap and create without worrying about originality, emphasizing the importance of doing things in one’s unique way.


Arya Giri

Arya Giri is an esteemed international luxury prêt label originating from India, distinguished by its rich heritage and emotional depth. The brand delves into cultural nuances, weaving nostalgia, fables, and memories into its creations. Arya Giri takes pride in being hand-woven, handmade, and hand-embroidered in India, prioritizing artisanship, superior quality, and emotional resonance over fleeting trends. Each collection explores cultural identity through a diaspora perspective, reflecting a deep connection to heritage. Arya Giri has graced prestigious runways including New York Fashion Week SS23 and is poised for Paris Fashion Week SS24. The brand’s exquisite pieces are available at select locations in India and esteemed outlets like Flying Solo in New York, USA. Arya Giri individuals embody majesty, radiance, and vitality, appreciating quality, history, and a penchant for defying conventions.


Alice Narang, the creative force behind Bedi, draws inspiration from her deep connection to textiles and spirituality. Her brand blends traditional South Asian silhouettes with modernity, reflecting her love for creativity and self-expression. Bedi’s new collection draws from a 1978 Bollywood film, exploring themes of gender, sexuality, and societal expectations. The dream-like designs challenge norms, empowering individuals to embrace their unique identity. Alice’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: take action, share your creations, and don’t let doubt hold you back.

Francesca Lazzari Arts

Francesca Lazzari boasts 25 years of expertise in crafting bespoke high-fashion dresses and exquisite fashion illustrations. With a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of women’s bodies, she views fashion as an art form, celebrating individuality and empowerment. Francesca’s creations blend aesthetics and functionality, tailored to enhance the wearer’s confidence. From classic elegance to avant-garde styles, her designs cater to diverse tastes. Her fashion illustrations bring these visions to life, capturing the essence of her garments. Through her work, Francesca champions diversity, body positivity, and the transformative impact of fashion.


Karina Haieva, the creative mind behind GA.EVA, a Ukrainian brand founded in 2017 with her sister Alina Haieva, draws inspiration from traditional Ukrainian heritage. Starting with the ancient technique of Vybiika (stamping) on fabric, they transformed basic t-shirts into limited art objects. GA.EVA combines fashion and art, turning clothes into a live exhibition where wearers become part of the art. The brand’s new collection is inspired by the resilience of the Ukrainian people amidst challenges, reflecting the essence of New Ukrainians who embrace modernity while preserving their roots.


Miranda Miguel, the creative force behind Ischia, drew inspiration from the strong women in her life to create a brand that celebrates femininity and uniqueness. Ischia’s concept revolves around embracing individuality and expressing it through fashion. The latest collection, “La Latina,” is a tribute to determined Latin American women, embodying ambition, love, and independence. Miranda’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to persevere through challenges, celebrate their uniqueness, and stay true to their vision, for every path in the fashion industry is unique.

Maison De Kallee Jackson by Kallee Jackson

Kallee Jackson, the creative force behind Maison De Kallee Jackson in South Florida, embarked on her fashion journey six years ago. With a passion for couture and a dream to be a fashion designer, she transformed her aspirations into reality when her husband gifted her a sewing machine. Kallee’s brand aims to align outer beauty with inner beauty, catering to clients’ unique needs through custom couture dresses. Her designs graced the runways of New York Fashion Week, garnering attention from various media outlets and earning her the 100 Successful Women in Business Award 2022. Her latest collection, Magique, is a testament to finding light in darkness.


MARGOT VII, founded by passionate artist and designer Margot in 2017, merges art and fashion seamlessly. Trained at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français and ESMOD, Margot realized her dream of blending creativity and design with the launch of her brand. MARGOT VII stands for the liberation of femininity, embracing women’s daring character through avant-garde, ready-to-wear fashion. Inspired by contemporary art and French cinema, the brand’s collections feature innovative designs with asymmetries and bi-materials, empowering women to express their unique style.


PAULINA’S FRIENDS is a unique workshop that resembles a traveling circus, born out of necessity, creativity, and the desire for autonomy. Initially a concept store in Bikini Berlin, it later transformed into a Wunderkammer showroom in Berlin-Mitte. The lack of financial resources led to unconventional paths, free from boundaries or focus. The concept thrives in constant change, embracing chaos and unpredictability. PAULINA’S FRIENDS’ success emerges from embracing failure and playing with luck, embodying the essence of Pure Life!

Randi Barry

In a quaint coastal town on Vancouver Island, visionary designer Randi Barry’s wanderlust led her to craft awe-inspiring collections inspired by her global adventures. Immersed in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures from around the world, each destination whispered its tale into her heart. Her atelier, adorned with souvenirs, becomes a sanctuary where sketches come to life with the essence of her travels. From Parisian boulevards to ancient Roman ruins, Randi’s garments bear imprints of her adventures, inviting wearers on a transformative journey. Through her designs, she weaves enchanting tales of distant shores, capturing the spirit of exploration one stitch at a time.


Taylor Ryerson, the visionary behind tayground, started her brand in New York with a unique vision: to create clothing that challenges traditional shapes, exudes confidence, and sparks conversations. Inspired by geometric shapes, bold colors, and personal resilience, tayground’s signature uniform gained recognition in top publications like W Magazine and Vogue Russia. Taylor’s focus is on empowering the wearer to think differently about fashion while embracing individuality and creativity. The FEELINGS Collection, her latest work, serves as therapeutic art, showcasing signature tayground silhouettes with added textures and prints.


Pam Maugile, the visionary behind Tunika, brings a rich heritage of cotton farming and fashion design to her London-based community-focused cotton fashion brand. Inspired by her family’s legacy in both cotton production and fashion, Pam founded Tunika as a tribute to the naturally elegant, breathable, and versatile cotton plant. Tunika’s concept revolves around celebrating the beauty of cotton and inclusivity. The brand emphasizes sustainability, using high-quality, sustainably sourced cotton, some from Pam’s family farm. Each handmade piece, designed to withstand the test of time, exudes timelessness and agelessness. Tunika is a community that embraces diversity and offers custom fitting through their innovative digital app, ensuring everyone feels confident and empowered in their perfectly fitted clothing. The inspiration behind Tunika’s new collection lies in simplicity, elegance, comfort, and versatility. The all-white designs, adorned with intricate embroidery and cutwork, embody the natural essence of cotton.

Wonderland Childrenswear

Wonderland Childrenswear is more than a clothing brand; it’s a curated fashion adventure for modern kids, proudly made in Brazil. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring style, comfort, and durability. We prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, using eco-friendly materials and supporting local communities. Our mission is to ignite creativity and individuality in children, offering fashion that embraces the joy of childhood and the magic of Brazilian culture. Join us in this enchanting journey where every stitch tells a tale of creativity and exploration.


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