Flying Solo Shines Bright at Paris Fashion Week: A Paradigm of Innovation and Collaboration

In the illustrious backdrop of Paris Fashion Week, Flying Solo emerged as a trailblazing force, leaving an indelible mark on the global fashion stage. Curated within the elegant confines of Galerie De Bourbon, near the iconic Arch de Triumph, Flying Solo orchestrated a breathtaking runway show, unveiling a meticulously curated selection of over 70 emerging designers.

Under the visionary direction of Creative Director Alina Kotsiuba, the runway became a canvas where fashion and art converged seamlessly. Each ensemble and accessory, meticulously captured by the lens of Riccardo Piazza, encapsulated the designers’ ingenuity, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the art of fashion.

In parallel, PR Director Bayr Ubushi orchestrated a strategic campaign that resonated within the echelons of Parisian fashion and reverberated globally, amplifying Flying Solo’s influence and setting new industry standards.

Following the show, Flying Solo made a significant stride by inaugurating its premier Parisian store, a testament to its mission of democratizing cutting-edge fashion. This strategic expansion not only represented inclusivity but also solidified Flying Solo’s status as a transformative entity within the fashion landscape.

In essence, Flying Solo’s debut at Paris Fashion Week transcended the boundaries of a mere fashion showcase. It stood as a testament to the platform’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering innovative collaborations. By providing an international platform for emerging designers, Flying Solo is reshaping the industry paradigm, ushering in an era marked by inclusivity, creativity, and unparalleled professionalism. The runway, the store, and the meticulously crafted campaigns collectively underscore Flying Solo’s pivotal role in shaping the future of fashion—a future defined by sophistication, diversity, and endless inspiration for designers and enthusiasts alike.


Barely Naked Designs

Nayda, the visionary behind Barely Naked Designs, originates from Brooklyn, NY, and boasts a decade of industry expertise. Growing up, she interned with influential names like Martha and Francois Girbaud, which ignited her passion for fashion. Her brand philosophy centers on comfort, encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies and enjoy the freedom of self-expression. In her latest collection, Nayda found inspiration in the adorable world of baby Teddy looks. This influence translated into a unique line of lounge sets and matching bucket hats. The collection not only embodies coziness but also signifies a bold step in Nayda’s journey as a designer. It’s her inaugural venture into the world as a recognized fashion creator, and the response from people eager to embrace her creations is deeply meaningful.


Connie Piña Gaucin, the creative force behind CELESTIAL, draws inspiration from her Mexican northern roots, infusing her designs with the spirit of the wild mustang and the elegance of modern women. CELESTIAL, established in 2009, blends classic cowgirl aesthetics with contemporary sophistication, crafting timeless pieces such as hand-embroidered dresses and leather jackets. The brand’s latest collection, DUST, symbolizes the journey of modern women embracing western culture. Connie’s advice to budding fashion entrepreneurs: find your unique path, seek knowledge, and savor the journey. CELESTIAL is not just fashion; it’s an embodiment of identity, heritage, and enduring passion.

Delhi Vintage Company

Delhi Vintage Co. is a tribute to India’s textile heritage, combining meticulous craftsmanship with a touch of personalization. In the “Anonymous Collection,” you’ll find 30 unique couture pieces, each a blend of tradition and artistry. Carefully curated Indian embroideries and textiles bring these creations to life, transforming them into more than garments—they are investments in history, works of art, and cherished memories. Each piece tells a story, becoming a part of your identity and style. Explore the magic of “Anonymous Collection” and let it weave its way into your narrative.

Elena Rudenko

Elena Rudenko is a renowned women’s fashion designer recognized for her meticulous attention to detail and focus on womenswear. Her collections feature intricate details, expertly crafted folds, and drapes, all showcased in simple yet visually striking shapes. Elena’s designs play with textures, patterns, and proportions, creating a unique aesthetic. Comfort and femininity are central to her design philosophy. She prioritizes high-quality fabrics and impeccable finishing to ensure her garments are both stunning and comfortable to wear. Elena’s vision is to empower women, portraying them as strong, confident, and independent individuals while embracing their delicate and feminine essence. Her brand celebrates the multifaceted nature of women.


Meet Emily Hess, the visionary behind HER THE LABEL, a sustainable capsule knitwear collection. Inspired during lockdown in Australia, Emily created her brand with a focus on conscious fashion and zero waste. HER THE LABEL embodies quiet luxury, encouraging a lifestyle of elevated essentials. The latest collection, Capsule N°01, blends Japanese innovation with Italian refinement, using cutting-edge technology and heritage merino wool. Crafted seamlessly through a WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, the collection is both luxurious and eco-friendly, leaving zero waste behind.


LD13, under Creative Director Lisa Deurer, redefines fashion luxury by blending art, heritage, and craftsmanship with ethical practices. They reintroduce traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist, focusing on sustainability and a “Farm to Table” approach. The brand’s architectural silhouettes bridge art and fashion, allowing for effortless self-expression. LD13’s creations are playful, quirky, and exude unique “personality sexiness.” Their timeless pieces, in black, white, and red, enhance wardrobes, made transparently using Italian fabrics and crafted in Europe and the United States. LD13 pioneers a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry.


NOEMA, founded by Creative Director Noema, embodies thoughtfully-designed everyday staples infused with the essence of Mallorca. The brand emphasizes the art of living simply, promoting slow living and timeless style over fast fashion. NOEMA’s collections prioritize quality, eco-consciousness, and locally produced items, celebrating uncomplicated living and precious moments. Noema’s background as an aerospace engineer and her return to Mallorca from the fast-paced world led to her creative reinvention and the birth of her brand. Inspired by the serene Mallorcan lifestyle, NOEMA invites individuals to embrace the beauty of simplicity in both fashion and life.


Stefanie Mahony, the Founder and Creative Director of Odet, believes in the art of fashion. Odet, founded in 2021, creates highly detailed, limited edition garments that blend art and fashion. Stefanie’s inspiration comes from the idea of her creations becoming treasured heirlooms. Each piece in Collection 03, “By the Seashore,” captures the essence of summer vacations. Her advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: overcome perfectionism, gain confidence with each collection, and start now.


Cate Caldis founded Soltyslabel in 2019, focusing on ecological harmony through regenerative practices and rejecting overconsumption in fashion. Every Soltys piece is a timeless art piece, mindfully created through sustainable handmade practices, honoring the raw materials. Soltyslabel aims to redefine the act of dressing as a deep ritual, bringing awareness, simplicity, and depth to the human experience.The latest collection, ‘continuance,’ transforms deadstock into unique, abstract silhouettes, inspired by ancient Japanese workwear and botanical printing practices.


Ticia Designs is a unique brand that seamlessly blends Indigenous art with contemporary fashion. Through their exquisite gowns, innovative upcycling techniques, and creative use of everyday materials, they redefine the boundaries of style. Each creation tells a story, merging traditional heritage with modern aesthetics. With a focus on sustainability and cultural celebration, Ticia Designs stands as a testament to creativity, diversity, and artistic ingenuity. Explore a world where fashion becomes a canvas, and tradition meets innovation. Welcome to the extraordinary realm of Ticia Designs.


Hiromi Asai

In the heart of contemporary fashion, Hiromi Asai stands as a beacon of tradition and elegance. As a United States-based fashion designer and kimono stylist, she passionately preserves the art of kimono creation, which is slowly fading in its native Japan. With innovative designs crafted from the finest Japanese high-end kimono textiles, Hiromi Asai debuted her collection at the New York Fashion Week in 2016, captivating the world with her fusion of heritage and haute couture. Hiromi’s vision goes beyond fashion; it’s a commitment to storytelling. Her creations not only dress her clients but also narrate the enduring legacy of the kimono. With each masterpiece, she revives the essence of this ancient craft, ensuring its timeless elegance resonates globally. Through Hiromi Asai’s work, tradition finds new life, and elegance takes on a modern, vibrant form.


Jocelyn, the visionary behind Joccelyn, blends boldness, elegance, and dynamism in her Parisian couture womenswear label. Rooted in artistry, quality, and craftsmanship, her dresses become timeless wearable art, designed to echo through generations. Jocelyn’s journey, inspired by her spiritual awakening, illuminates her designs, inviting wearers to embrace their true selves. Her message resonates: “Be unafraid to be yourself; love and accept who you are, not who you will or should be.” Each piece in her new collection reflects her personal odyssey, offering a powerful narrative to women seeking self-expression.


LAVIATE, founded by Greek twin designers Eirini and Dimitra, marries bold silhouettes, romanticism, and atmospheric designs. Inspired by the intersection of art and science, their brand balances personalized fabrics with thoughtful designs, empowering wearers to feel powerful and classic. Their recent collaboration with FLYING SOLO birthed a personalized line, letting clients translate unique stories into bespoke products. The new collection draws from Greek civilization, using hand-drawn prints on natural textures to create illusionary compositions. LAVIATE emphasizes uniqueness and character, offering a personalized experience for wearers.


In 2017, the renowned Luxury Couture Fashion Brand, MIASHAN, was brought to life by British Entrepreneur Sounita Rachel Chummun, inspired by the creative fervor of twin sisters Amelia (Mia) and Shushana (Shana). Based in the United Kingdom, MIASHAN stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication in the fashion world. Drawing inspiration from the richness of Egyptian culture, the timeless allure of old Hollywood glamour, and the subtle nuances of architectural tones, MIASHAN’s designs embody a perfect fusion of tradition and creativity. Each piece is meticulously crafted, reflecting a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. With a commitment to exquisite craftsmanship, MIASHAN continues to mesmerize fashion enthusiasts with its unique and enchanting creations.

Natacha Van

Meet Natacha, a trailblazer with a multicultural background, born in Hong Kong, raised in London, and currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Natacha’s focus on couture quality craftsmanship is unparalleled. Her materials, painstakingly handcrafted in London and Hong Kong using the finest materials, are transformed by master tailors in Cambodia. Her creations have graced major fashion weeks worldwide, from New York and London to Paris and Milan. In 2017, she was honored as the “Ambassador of Cambodia,” representing the Kingdom of Cambodia at prestigious fashion events in London and Paris, showcasing her deep connection to her roots. What sets Natacha apart is not just her global presence but her commitment to bringing daily luxury to everyone. Her collection is not merely clothing; it’s a statement of artistry and accessibility, reflecting her dedication to making high-quality fashion an everyday indulgence.


Ramona Mihaela, the creative force behind RAMELLE, has woven her dreams into reality through dedication and passion. Her journey began at the tender age of 6, fueled by an unwavering desire to create. After years of perseverance, she fulfilled her childhood promise by presenting her collection at Paris Fashion Week. Every RAMELLE piece carries a story, adorned with hand-applied crystals representing love and light. Ramona’s message is clear: rediscover childhood dreams, embrace self-expression, and trust in the power of dedication.

Rene Mejia

Rene Mejia, a talented fashion designer originally from El Salvador and currently residing in Miami, Florida, owns a self-titled brand that bears the essence of his rich heritage and creative vision. His journey into the world of fashion was inspired by the cherished memories of his mother, a skilled seamstress, whose legacy he seeks to honor and elevate. In Rene’s creations, the concept of beauty intertwines seamlessly with intriguing elements, aiming to provoke thought and curiosity. He sees fashion as an art form, a medium through which he crafts pieces that not only adorn the body but also tell compelling stories. His latest collection, a harmonious fusion of the Baroque era and futuristic space exploration, exemplifies his innovative approach. This collection, initially designed for his thesis, carries a special significance, representing his dedication and creativity despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sheetol Chawla

Sheetol Chawla, the creative mind behind her eponymous brand, draws inspiration from India’s rich culture and nature’s beauty. Her brand embodies a fusion of haute couture, traditional craftsmanship, and modern technology, blurring the lines between fashion and art. In her latest collection, “Eos,” Sheetol explores spiritual shift and contentment. Influenced by the Greek Goddess of dawn, the designs mirror the movement of swans, symbolizing freedom and growth. Hand-dyed silk organza, intricate cording, and layers create an ethereal illusion, capturing the essence of nature.

Silk Epoque by Olga Ziemann

Silk Epoque, helmed by visionary Olga Ziemann, epitomizes timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. Founded in 2015, the brand’s love for silk results in creations that exude opulence and sophistication. From fashion accessories to haute couture showcased on prestigious global runways, Silk Epoque marries classic designs with modern allure, celebrating feminine sensuality and masculine strength. Each piece tells a story of sophistication, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. In the hands of Olga Ziemann, Silk Epoque is not just a brand; it’s an art form, redefining fashion with every collection. Silk Epoque: Where Every Thread Weaves Timeless Beauty.

Sullivan Kovacs

Sullivan Kovacs, the visionary behind the eponymous label from Melbourne, Australia, has redefined fashion as a canvas for artistic expression. Initially drawn to costume construction, Sullivan found a love for design, leading to the birth of a brand that defies norms and embraces individuality. Sullivan sees fashion as an art form, a means of storytelling and self-expression. Rejecting traditional norms, the brand focuses on “dressing the body” in unique, mood-fueled designs. Every piece is meticulously crafted, reflecting cultural influences and challenging the idea of normalcy. The brand’s ethos centers on slow, intentional fashion, emphasizing quality and uniqueness.”The Tomes of Amana,” Sullivan’s latest collection, is a cosmic horror-inspired masterpiece. Rooted in the fear of the unknown, the designs explore the creation and downfall of divine entities, mirroring themes of fate and governance.

Tom Kara

Meet Tom Kara, a shining star in the Vietnamese fashion scene renowned for his exquisite high-end and alluring hand-embellished evening dresses. Tom Kara is celebrated for dressing not only local icons but also international models, beauty queens, and businessmen. His masterpieces are a labor of love, taking six months of meticulous handwork to delicately attach embellishments onto premium materials. Each creation reflects Tom Kara’s unwavering dedication, concentration, and exceptional expertise, making him a true master of elegance in the fashion world.


Adornato Couture

Marie Adornato, the creative mind behind Adornato Couture, draws inspiration from her childhood in upscale boutiques and a rich career in the bridal industry. Her brand champions expressive freedom, offering versatile, customized designs for special occasions. Emphasizing comfort and confidence, Marie’s collections defy cookie-cutter fashion, catering to diverse personalities. As the “Maverick” of bespoke design, she urges emerging talents to persevere, emphasizing passion and relentless progress as the keys to success.

Andrea Quezada

Andrea Quezada, the Mexican high fashion designer, combines her love for surrealism and avant-garde aesthetics to create a unique fusion of luxury fashion and Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Her brand is a testament to preserving ancestral traditions and promoting sustainability while exploring the intersection of art, culture, and fashion. Inspired by Mayan architecture, Andrea reinterprets ancient motifs in her creations, infusing each piece with cultural richness. Her journey, spanning fashion, music, acting, and modeling, reflects her passion for creative expression.

Arabesque Boudoir

Maya Mosteghanemi, the visionary behind Arabesque Boudoir Maison, merges tradition and modernity in her designs. Influenced by iconic artists, she crafted a couture collection inspired by 11th-century Western fashion and a denim line flipping conventional concepts, both celebrating timeless elegance.Her pieces blend embroidery, nature motifs, and classic fabrics, bridging eras seamlessly. In her latest creation, “Noeud Papillon,” vibrant colors and grandeur define her ode to life’s joys. Guided by Mary Kay Ash’s wisdom, she empowers aspiring designers: “How far you can go depends entirely on how far you can think.” Maya inspires limitless creativity in the world of fashion.


ASHAALIA, the empowered haute couture label from Australia, weaves Eastern beading traditions into contemporary fashion. Inspired by generations of elegance, the brand’s bespoke garments celebrate enduring style. In their latest collection, “Three Generations,” ASHAALIA pays homage to heritage, emphasizing “Generational Wear.” Each piece carries a legacy, blending the beauty of the past with a modern touch. ASHAALIA’s message is clear: embrace “NEW LUXURY” through pieces designed for timeless appeal. Their mantra, “Generational on Purpose,” encourages wearers to give clothing a new life, embodying sustainability and elegance.

Cape Silk

Meet Rob N, the creative mind behind Cape Silk™, a brand that transcends traditional fashion norms. As a young corporate human resources executive, Rob’s passion for self-embracement and exquisite expression inspired him to create Cape Silk™ during the challenges of Covid-19. Cape Silk™ is more than a fashion brand; it’s a reminder of the beauty within us all. Rob’s inspiration stems from the rich cultures and nature surrounding us. Each garment is meticulously designed to bring out the royalty in everyone, reflecting their personality and inner beauty. The new collection, “Fans of Feathers,” draws inspiration from the elegance of the Mauryan Empire, symbolizing hope and brightness, much like a new dawn.

Chhavvi Aggarwal

Chhavvi Aggarwal, the creative force behind her eponymous fashion label, embarked on a journey to create globally appealing Indian contemporary clothing. With a background in fashion, her brand is known for signature prints, draped silhouettes, and exquisite handcrafted embroideries.Driven by a passion for creativity and a desire to share unique ideas, Chhavvi’s concept revolves around providing effortlessly beautiful clothing that people can wear repeatedly without boredom. Her styles are eclectic and always make a statement, catering to both men and women.

Elif Köse Fashion House

Elif Köse stands as a beacon for bold, fearless, and unstoppable women worldwide, empowering them to embrace their fullest potential. Their philosophy revolves around the transformative power of fashion, recognizing that what you wear can significantly impact your confidence and how you present yourself to the world. Elif Köse offers women the clothing they need to make a profound impact. Their mission is to elevate women to new heights of confidence, enabling them to navigate the world as the strong, limitless individuals they were born to be.Their clothing is designed to infuse women with inner strength, encouraging them to live as impactful, unforgettable individuals. Every piece is meticulously crafted, embodying timelessness, elegance, and femininity.

Joya Ma

Joya Ma, the visionary behind her eponymous fashion brand, designs for strong, independent women who exude self-expression. Her creations seamlessly blend luxury with surrealism, embracing female empowerment through unique juxtapositions of classic influences and daring silhouettes. In her garments, Joya Ma encourages women to express themselves boldly and fearlessly, celebrating qualities like rebellious ambition and desire. These designs embody the spirit of “Here I am,” affirming that looking your best should never mean diminishing yourself. Filled with vibrant colors, rich textures, and influences from her cultural background, Joya Ma’s creations evoke feelings of beauty and uniqueness. Joya Ma’s fashion becomes a form of playful expression, encouraging women to be themselves – playful, reckless, and unapologetically authentic.


Renee Kar-Johnson, CEO of RKJ, redefines fashion by seamlessly blending her Western and desi backgrounds. Growing up, she felt torn between these identities, but with RKJ, she found a solution. Her Indo-Western line allows wearers to celebrate both cultures effortlessly. Each garment is a testament to this fusion, embodying the essence of both heritages. The line’s uniqueness lies not just in its designs but in its adaptive fabrics. In wearing jhumkas with Western attire, Renee celebrates the harmonious blend of her identities. With RKJ, she invites you to do the same – to embrace your diverse heritage unapologetically and with style.


SKYE|AIRE, the brainchild of a dynamic entrepreneur, is more than just a fashion brand – it’s a celebration of diverse creativity and personal connections. Rooted in a love for wearable art and a passion for inclusivity, SKYE|AIRE’s collections are as diverse as the ponds its founder dips toes into. Inspired by powerful women who have supported her journey, each garment is designed with a specific person in mind, emphasizing the personal touch in fashion. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity is not just a promise; it’s a practice. From integrating wheelchairs and hijabs to celebrating unique runway presences, SKYE|AIRE embraces the beauty of diversity. The upcoming collection for Paris Fashion Week takes flight, inspired by kites soaring in the wind. This elemental approach aligns perfectly with the brand’s essence, connecting the tangible with the ethereal.

Sneha Milan Couture

Based in Canada, Sneha Milan Couture has earned global acclaim for its bespoke ensembles, fusing traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary allure. Their highly skilled artisans meticulously craft each piece, blending heritage techniques with modern sensibilities.In an exciting move, Sneha Milan Couture is expanding into ready-to-wear collections, marking a significant milestone in their fashion journey. The anticipation is palpable as they prepare to unveil their latest collection, where tradition harmoniously intertwines with contemporary elegance, promising fashion that transcends borders and captures the hearts of individuals worldwide.


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