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Global Fashion Collective’s New York Fashion Week came to a close with a spectacular finale show by Patrycja Plesiak, SAQULAI, and SiSio.

The models displayed a stunning array of haute couture designs, exhibiting the epitome of fashion innovation and creativity. The event was a perfect conclusion to a celebration of style and elegance.

Patrycja Plesiak

Patrycja Plesiak’s collection showcases a mesmerizing array of elegant, flowy garments that exude a delicate, ethereal charm. The incorporation of sheer details, subtle hues, and alluring, backless designs further accentuate the feminine grace of the collection. The cohesive aesthetic is characterized by striking patterns and bursts of vibrant colors, creating an impression of boldness and vitality. In addition, the collection features 80s-style shoulder pads that add a touch of retro flair to the overall look.


SAQULAI’s latest fashion show was a true spectacle of refined elegance and glamour. The models gracefully strutted down the runway, wearing a stunning blend of formal attire. The intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship of each garment were evident, making the collection a true work of art. The overall aesthetic was reminiscent of a high-end wedding or a glamorous red carpet event, leaving the audience in awe of the designer’s talent.


SISIO SS2024 Eternal Return

Designer Charlotte Shao recalls a personal symbolic moment which changed her forever, bringing her to understand her dreams and religious beliefs serve as the gateway to another realm of experience and inspiration. “| vividly remember when I was ten years old, my grandfather passed away. It was winter and a massive black butterfly landed on his wreath, I felt a strange sensation that the butterfly was waiting for me. So I caught it, when I released it, it just vanished instantly. Since then, I’ve believed in other worlds and embraced Buddhism. Through her personal experiences she have learnt there are many phenomenas which science can’t explain and we should learn to elevate their spiritual dimensions.

Her elemental composition lacked water, which is why she has a deep affinity for the color blue, representing the element of water. Simultaneously, she resonates with the philosophical teachings of Bruce Lee, who famously said, ‘be water, my friend.Many aspects of traditional Japanese culture such as Taoism, Buddhism, astronomy, language and food have been profoundly influenced by China. This has led her to delve into Japanese and Chinese culture and its captivating folklore. She has incorporating many Japanese cultural elements into the collection; blending kimonos, Noh masks with Chinese cheongsams to create a new style that breaks down traditional cultural barriers and stereotypes. Not forgeting melding Buddhist scriptures and crystals; while discovering the power in handcrafted crystal accessories.

Designer: Charlotte Shao @jimut_siu

Hair & makeup design by JK Zhao @jk910419 Coco Zhu @cocozhumakeup
Hair by:@OdeteDasilvaHair using Goldwell US @goldwellus and Varis Creative Energy@varisprohair
Makeup by Godina worldwide @godina.worldwide using BullyBlocker @bullyblockerlife @bullyblockerpro
Production: @globalfashioncollective
Show director: Jia Seung @jiaseung
Music: Shuto Nakagawa @shuto_nakagawa
Model: Eliza Finskaya @fnsklz
Venue: @clintonmercantilenyc
Styling: Charlotte Shao @jimut_siu
Assistants: Daisy @daisy_han_yy Emily Duan @emilyilyv Juniper Vivian Yal Chloe Zoe Yonna @yonna179
Special thanks to @emilyilyv


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