NYFW Spotlight: Flying Solo’s Show-Stopping Collections and Accessory Designers

Flying Solo, a well-known hub for fashion designers, made a big impression at this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW). People who love fashion from all over the world paid attention to the exciting fashion events in New York City. Flying Solo was in the spotlight because it featured more than 100 talented designers from different parts of the world.

The fashion shows at Flying Solo’s NYFW event were a big deal. They showed a new way of doing things in the fashion world. They were all about being diverse, creative, and representing the world.

The person who had the creative ideas behind this amazing showcase was Alina Kotsiubka, the Creative Director. She used her artistic skills to make each collection special with new and creative designs. Getty Images took pictures of every exciting moment, every careful stitch, and every amazing design to remember the event.

Flying Solo being at NYFW was a celebration of the great talent and creativity of designers from all around the world. It also showed that Flying Solo is committed to giving everyone a chance to show their fashion, no matter where they come from. They really believe in being different and coming up with new ideas, which makes fashion even better. They bring people from all over the world closer together through fashion.

The event was made even better with the help of sponsors. Boxed Water, the water company, made sure everyone had enough to drink during the shows. Also, City Winery, a special winery in Manhattan, served really nice wines, which made the event fancier.

And, lots of media talked about Flying Solo’s NYFW show. They even talked about it on Fashion Channel, where the whole world could see how amazing Flying Solo’s show was.

Flying Solo is still one of the leaders in the fashion world. They believe in doing things differently, breaking down barriers, and showing that fashion can be anything you want it to be. There are no limits in fashion!


24/7 ANONYM is a revolutionary force in the world of adornments. Unlike traditional jewelry, which often serves as mere embellishments, this brand transforms the very concept of jewelry into a medium of bodily expression and self-identity. Their creations resonate with the innermost recesses of individuals’ imaginations, transcending the ordinary to craft wearable hallucinations. Innovative by nature, 24/7 ANONYM fearlessly marries sophisticated design with boundless imagination. The result is a collection of eerie and surreal body installations that draw inspiration from the human experience and the absurdities of life. Each piece of 24/7 ANONYM jewelry becomes a tangible manifestation of the wearer’s fantasies, an artistic mirror reflecting their inner world. In the realm of contemporary jewelry, 24/7 ANONYM is a trailblazer. With each creation, they push the boundaries of what is possible, ushering in a new era of self-expression and individuality. In a world where conformity often reigns, this avant-garde jewelry brand stands as a beacon of artistic freedom, inviting us to explore the depths of our own imaginations and celebrate the beautiful strangeness that makes us unique.

Alf the Label

Introducing Sophie – a woman who wears many hats: wife, mother of two, and the visionary founder behind Alf the Label. Sophie’s journey began with a profound love for uncompromising style, coupled with the need for a bag that could reflect her identity as a modern woman while also accommodating the practical demands of motherhood. The name “Alf the Label” is a tribute to her grandfather, Alf, a post-World War II furrier who breathed life into leather and fur in a tailor’s shop. Over the years, the brand has thrived, creating a community of parents and supporters and expanding its team across Australia. Today, Alf the Label enjoys an international presence, with a collection available in the heart of SoHo, New York. Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the first parenting brand ever invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week. Sophie’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and her dedication to crafting timeless, functional pieces from exceptional materials shine through in every creation from Alf the Label. Parenthood is a unique journey for each individual, and style is equally diverse. Alf is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to Sophie’s determination to craft stylish and functional accessories that cater to everyone, helping modern parents embrace parenthood in their own unique way.

Bohaze Jewelry

Meet Théa Garcia, a 29-year-old French jewelry designer and artisan.Théa’s journey into the world of jewelry making commenced in 2016 during her nomadic adventures. While in Australia, she stumbled upon basic supplies and created her very first crystal necklace. Instantly, she fell deeply in love with the art and the profound inner tranquility it brought her. It became abundantly clear that this craft was destined to be her life’s purpose and source of joy. The essence of Théa’s brand, Bohaze, is rooted in three core values: love, authenticity, and sustainability. These principles are embedded in every one of her creations. Théa exclusively employs recycled precious metals, and each piece is meticulously handcrafted with great care to withstand the test of time.Théa’s latest collection, showcased at the Flying Solo NYFW, draws inspiration from the concept of beauty in boldness and contrast. In a society that often homogenizes individuals, she believes that embracing boldness and celebrating contrasts is an act of bravery and beauty.


Meet Singuila, an artist on a musical journey from Paris streets to global stages. He’s passionate about music and art, believing fashion goes beyond clothes; it’s a statement and an extension of personality. Sunglasses, in particular, add undeniable swag.The idea to start the fashion brand CACHE came from Singuila’s musical journey, where he saw how accessories, like sunglasses, can boost confidence and light up a room. This led him into the world of fashion. CACHE’s concept blends artistry and innovation in every pair of sunglasses. Their message promotes self-expression and embracing one’s unique identity boldly. CACHE sunglasses tell personal stories, using materials like polarized acetate for elegance and clarity and vibrant neon glass for dynamic spirits. They’re not just accessories; they’re canvases for personal journeys. The inspiration behind CACHE’s latest collection, the Alist Collection, draws from the allure of the A-list lifestyle. It pays tribute to those who dream big and live even bigger. Like A-list celebrities, the Alist Collection exudes confidence and magnetism.

Darovia Paris

In the heart of France, where people really appreciate skillful work, there’s Darovia Paris – a brand known for making top-notch leather stuff. It’s not only about making great things but also about being careful with what we use. At Darovia Paris, skilled craftsmen make all the cool stuff. They’re serious about using good materials that are also good for the planet. Darovia makes leather bags that are practical and fancy for all sorts of occasions. They want to make bags that stay stylish forever, so you can pass them down to your kids. Caroline Barthélemy, the person behind Darovia Paris, is from Paris, where there’s lots of life. She loves events and leather stuff, so she decided to mix the two. The name “Darovia” comes from her dad’s hometown in Argentina, connecting her brand to her family’s roots. Caroline’s grandmothers had awesome bags from famous French fashion places. These bags were more than just accessories – they were like friends for moms with big families. Caroline’s grandma on her dad’s side had special skills and paid attention to little details. That’s what inspired Caroline to start Darovia Paris.
Darovia Paris isn’t just a brand for leather stuff; it’s about keeping the tradition of making things well and believing that real luxury never goes out of fashion.


Deseri Kelley, the visionary behind DESERI, a luxury handbag brand based in Dallas, Texas. Her passion for handbags ignited during her five-year sojourn in Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. Deseri is on a mission to redefine handbags as exquisite works of art and symbols of self-assuredness. With DESERI, she aspires to empower luxury enthusiasts to embrace their individuality fully. Personally sourcing premium Spanish and Italian leather and collaborating closely with European artisans, she ensures each handbag reflects uncompromising attention to detail. DESERI has earned acclaim from everyday individuals, influencers, and celebrities such as Lala Anthony, Gabriel Union, Heidi Klum, Winnie Harlow, Tia Mowry, Shanina Shaik, Emilia Clark, and more. Deseri’s inspiration for launching her fashion brand blossomed during her stay in Barcelona and Paris, where she developed a profound appreciation for luxury goods. Surrounded by top-tier accessories and world-class materials, she discerned the exceptional qualities of luxury products. As a devoted teacher, mother, and wife, she felt compelled to make premium fashion accessories accessible to all. This determination gave rise to DESERI, a brand that reimagines handbags as both art and emblems of confidence. DESERI empowers luxury enthusiasts to reclaim their personal power and celebrate their unique identities.

Esquivias Boots

Esquivias Boots, founded by Daniela Esquivias and Jonathan Picciao, is the realization of a dream for boot enthusiasts worldwide. Their vision was to create handcrafted boots known for quality, refinement, and exceptional comfort. Each boot model is named after a family member, symbolizing the love and dedication infused into every pair. Esquivias Boots offers outstanding value, combining affordable prices with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their products are designed to be timeless and durable, standing the test of time. With a focus on excellence, an eye for detail, and a love for classic styles, Esquivias Boots sets itself apart in the industry. They provide customers with high-quality products without compromising affordability, ensuring both style and lasting quality. Esquivias Boots represents the realization of dreams and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship that will accompany you on your journey.

Felipa Bags Philippines

Felipa Bags combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, supporting local communities and schools in the Philippines. Artisans handcraft these bags using traditional techniques and natural materials, contributing to Philippine artistry and education in Negros Occidental. The idea for Felipa Bags emerged in 2020 during the pandemic when Yayen saw local artisans selling handwoven pandan bags on social media. This inspired her to create a brand that blends traditional weaving with contemporary styles, named after her bag-loving grandmother, Felipa. Felipa Bags aims to showcase the Philippines’ talent for crafting fashionable handwoven bags, using unique natural materials and blending classic and modern Filipino styles. Their latest collection celebrates Filipina women’s simplicity, elegance, and warmth with a warm and inviting color palette. Yayen advises aspiring fashion brand entrepreneurs to define their target audience clearly as a foundation for their business.

Garut Kulit

In 2012, GARUTKULIT® started as a small project, making custom jackets for people in the founder’s workplace. Even at this early stage, it was clear that people loved GARUTKULIT®’s jackets. So, the brand decided to share its fantastic products with the world. In 2015, GARUTKULIT® took a big step by bringing its jackets to Kenya, Africa. The next year, it officially registered its trademark, making sure it had its own unique identity in the fashion world. In 2016, they even set up a company called CV Garut Kulit Internasional to help them sell their stuff internationally. Now, GARUTKULIT® isn’t just a local brand in Indonesia; it’s known all over the world. By 2018, they were shipping their jackets to places like the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong. What makes GARUTKULIT® special is that they really care about making things well. Every jacket they make shows how dedicated they are to making great stuff. They blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design, creating fashion that people all around the world love. While GARUTKULIT® is growing and getting famous worldwide, it never forgets where it came from – Indonesia. It’s a brand that proves that if you love what you do and work hard at it, you can be successful anywhere. With GARUTKULIT®, fashion has no limits, and every jacket they make tells a story of amazing craftsmanship and worldwide appeal.

Gidi Sole

Nwachukwu William Agbakoba, also known as “Bill,” is a unique entrepreneur who balances a corporate job during the day with his passion for designing shoes at night. He is the founder of Gidi Sole, a brand that seeks to revolutionize the footwear market by offering customized, high-quality shoes that are both affordable and quickly delivered. Bill’s journey began in Nigeria, where he faced the common struggle of finding comfortable shoes for his large feet. Gidi Sole’s concept centers around merging fashion and technology, offering a wide array of unique shoe designs tailored to individual personalities and preferences. The brand’s online approach eliminates the need for in-person shopping, saving customers time, energy, and money while delivering affordable luxury. The latest collection, named “The Renaissance,” draws inspiration from the Fall season—a time of renewal and rekindled connections. This collection seamlessly combines style, comfort, and innovation, encompassing categories such as “The Elegance Series” for special occasions, “The Active Lifestyle Collection” for those with a sporty yet stylish taste, “The Classic Man” for versatile formal-casual occasions, and “The Sustainable Series,” emphasizing eco-friendly materials.

ITO Cases

ITO Cases, established in 2007 in Shanghai, is a designer label specializing in travel goods. With a straightforward mission, ITO is dedicated to crafting suitcases that are both dependable and stylish, serving as the ultimate travel companion. Each of ITO’s luggage collections bears the playful names of nuts, reflecting their robust exteriors and soft interiors. These collections feature minimalistic designs that prioritize meticulous attention to detail, promising travelers a stylish and reliable travel experience. The remarkable growth of the ITO community has now led the brand to North America, where it aims to welcome even more travelers into its fold. Here, travelers can create their own distinctive travel style and enjoy an experience where the only limit is their own imagination.


Silvia D’Avila, a talented designer from Brazil, finds inspiration for her creative work in a rich tapestry of experiences. Her sources of inspiration include her travels, visits to museums, leisurely walks through cities, and the diverse materials she encounters along the way. IZA draws inspiration from the rich tradition of art challenging convention. The brand offers a fresh perspective on jewelry by skillfully balancing tension and scale. Through unexpected compositions and contemporary silhouettes, IZA provides wearers with an artistic experience through finely crafted and cherished pieces. IZA’s jewelry pieces have an organic, bold, and dynamic quality, with a strong emphasis on versatility and ease of wear. Silvia lovingly describes her creations as “mini sculptures,” each one a unique masterpiece. She primarily uses materials like brass, copper, and silver, often embellished with exquisite gemstone accents. Employing various techniques to achieve a signature aesthetic, including distinct cuts, IZA effortlessly embodies both elegance and modernity.

Jacx Carter Designs

In 2021, TieSha Carter turned her visionary dream into reality by founding Jacx Carter Designs. Based in Baltimore/Washington, this is a black, woman-owned business that goes beyond just jewelry; it’s a platform for self-expression and empowerment. TieSha, a software/systems engineer by profession, discovered her true passion as a creative soul, firmly believing in the power of creative expression to make a difference. For TieSha, creativity is a powerful force capable of healing, giving a voice to the unheard, and capturing the attention of those who might otherwise stay indifferent. Jewelry design became her way of speaking and sharing her unique perspective with the world. Jacx Carter Designs is built on the idea that the accessories we choose reflect our personal identity and values. TieSha and her team create pieces with the hope that they deeply resonate with each wearer’s sense of self. As a creator with boundless curiosity, TieSha explores a wide range of materials, resulting in a diverse collection of handmade earrings, bracelets, and necklaces available in her shop. This collection caters to women of all ages, offering pieces suitable for everyday wear as well as those that add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Jewellery Bar

Jewellery Bar is a prestigious purveyor of handcrafted jewelry, where opulent designs come to life through the exquisite combination of natural pearls, gemstones, and meticulously applied gold or rhodium plating. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, Jewellery Bar places paramount importance on quality. The foundation of each piece is a special alloy carefully chosen to be free from harmful materials like nickel and cadmium. Furthermore, every item is elegantly adorned with an 18-carat gold or rhodium plating, a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the jewelry’s radiant luster and original allure. Jewellery Bar is synonymous with jewelry that beckons attention. Our creations are tailored for the woman who revels in the spotlight, who adorns herself with Jewellery Bar’s masterpieces and becomes the center of the universe, where all eyes are irresistibly drawn to her radiant elegance. With Jewellery Bar, the art of jewelry isn’t just an accessory; it’s a captivating expression of individuality and a celebration of the wearer’s unparalleled charm and charisma.


Jill Herlands, the self-taught jewelry artist behind the eponymous brand “Jill Herlands,” possesses a unique creative spirit that knows no bounds. Unfettered by conventional rules and traditions, Jill’s approach to jewelry design is a remarkable journey where she skillfully employs hand fabrication to transform precious metals into abstract forms of wearable art. Jill’s artistic journey is a testament to her willingness to venture into experimental techniques and her discerning eye for materials that offer intriguing contrasts. Her creative process unfolds with an air of spontaneity, where each piece’s form and composition take shape organically, guided by the muse of the moment. With an unwavering belief in the allure of imperfection over perfection, Jill places her trust in the realms of imagination, innovation, and fearless experimentation. Her artistic sanctuary thrives amidst controlled chaos, where materials themselves often dictate the final outcome of her meticulously crafted pieces. To Jill, the absence of a predefined plan is not a risk but a source of inspiration. Her art mirrors her unbridled spirit, and, like her creations, she refuses to conform to convention. Jill Herlands is an artist who embraces the freedom of artistic expression and cherishes the unpredictable beauty that accompanies her creative journey.

Khelman Studio

In the vibrant heart of San Francisco, you’ll find Khelman, a design studio dedicated to creating authentic leather handbags for women and those who appreciate unisex elegance. Their style exudes a harmonious blend of clear-lined urban chic with a touch of bohemian spirit, promising to elevate your look and set you apart from the ordinary. At Khelman, there are no assembly lines or massive factories; every handbag you encounter is a testament to the artistry of Ksenia Khelman herself. As an accomplished leather artist, she brings her passion for premium craftsmanship to life through each meticulously crafted piece. Only the finest leather hides, high-quality hardware, skillful hands, and specialized leather sewing machines are employed to transform your bag dreams into reality. This design studio’s commitment to natural materials shines through every creation, with an unwavering dedication to 100% real premium quality leather and suede, natural cotton or silky satin, and UV-resistant threads. Khelman’s handbags age gracefully, growing even more beautiful with the passage of time. Ksenia is not just a designer; she is a connoisseur on a global quest for the most exquisite leather, rich in texture, and imbued with captivating colors. Her discerning eye also selects the finest linings and high-quality hardware to ensure each handbag is a masterpiece of elegance and functionality.

Laimes Kamertonas

Ieva Mažionytė-Lukoic, hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, graduated in 2017 with a degree in Business Management and Analytics from the ISM University. She initially pursued a career in the business world. However, her journey took an unexpected turn in 2020 when she discovered the world of fractal drawing methods through a book. This newfound passion led Ieva to pursue a master’s diploma in fractal drawing methods. Inspired by this art form, she founded her fashion brand, “Laimės Kamertonas.” Her brand specializes in incorporating meaningful fractal designs into clothing and accessories, with each piece carefully crafted to convey symbolism through color combinations. What sets her creations apart is her unique artistic process—she creates intricate fractal designs with her eyes closed, using both hands simultaneously, and then meticulously colors them with pencils. Additionally, all bags offered by her brand are handmade in Lithuania.

Lesotho Jewellery

In the realm of fashion, Lesotho Jewellery stands as a beacon of beauty. Their unwavering mission revolves around delivering the epitome of elegance through an exquisite collection of jewelry, which includes 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Diamonds, and Silver. Passion for all things refined is palpable, and customer satisfaction is their top priority. The Lesotho Jewellery experience invites fashion enthusiasts on an extraordinary journey towards sophistication, with a carefully curated selection of jewelry that’s nothing short of captivating. What sets Lesotho Jewellery apart is their understanding that true style is as unique as the individual. For those seeking something truly exceptional, Lesotho Jewellery welcomes collaboration. If your ideal piece isn’t found on their website, they encourage you to share your vision, and they’ll work tirelessly to bring your dream design to life. In the world of fashion, where self-expression knows no bounds, Lesotho Jewellery offers a chance to elevate your style and embrace beauty in its purest form.

Malandra Jewelry

In 2013, the seeds of Malandra were sown in the vibrant tapestry of Israel, a year that would mark the beginning of a captivating fashion journey. The founders, deeply inspired by the essence of this intriguing country, set forth on a mission – to empower women by enhancing their style and femininity. With a steadfast commitment to quality, variety, and exceptional customer service, their vision was clear: to become a Mexican fashion reference in everyday jewelry. Malandra’s wellspring of inspiration flows from the Israeli woman – independent, strong, and inherently feminine. The brand’s story began with the opening of its first showroom in the bustling heart of Tel Aviv, where the initial spark ignited. It was from this dynamic city that the very first shipments embarked on a journey to the city of Monterrey, giving birth to the concept of Tel Aviv – Monterrey. This unique name pays homage to the city that sparked the brand’s inspiration and to the founders’ hometown. In 2015, the founders returned to Mexico, bringing with them the essence of Tel Aviv and opening their first branch in the city of Monterrey. At the core of Malandra’s philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to providing clients with exceptional quality, service, and attractive pricing. Their collections, ranging from essential to luxurious, are a testament to their dedication to offering versatile and accessible jewelry that elevates the everyday.


Meet Maral Jafarian, an artist from Iran who now lives in Norway. She loves creating things and has a special talent for making jewelry.Maral started her artistic journey in Iran, where she worked in textile engineering. But her real passion was in art, like painting and crafting. She was inspired by famous Iranian artists and started making beautiful handicrafts that people loved. She also tried modeling and photography to express herself. However, making jewelry became her true passion. She loved taking old jewelry and adding gems and beads to make them unique and beautiful. Maral’s life changed when she got married and became a mom. In 2014, her family moved to Norway, which was a big change. She faced challenges like learning a new language and making a living for her family. But her love for art stayed strong. She kept creating, painting, and looking for chances to show her work in local art galleries, even though she faced rejection. Six months after moving to Norway, Maral found a local market in Oslo that changed everything. In June 2014, she started selling her special jewelry there. What made her jewelry stand out was how she transformed old pieces into something new and beautiful with gems and creative designs. This market was the beginning of Maral Kunst, a brand that mixes different cultures. Maral combines her Iranian heritage with the modern styles of Norway to create jewelry that blends tradition and new ideas.

Nafari Moda

In the tumultuous year of 2020, a spark of creativity and innovation emerged from the midst of uncertainty. Nafari Moda, a remarkable fashion venture, was founded during the pandemic by two visionary Iranian siblings, Maryam and Kaveh Nafari. Their journey, however, traces back to the enchanting city of Shiraz, renowned for its art, poetry, and culture—a city that would profoundly shape their artistic souls. Thus, Nafari Moda was born, driven by a dual purpose: to infuse everyday life with artistic brilliance and to advocate for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Today, their profound love for art has come full circle. From the intimate studio in Shiraz to the co-founding of Nafari Moda, Kaveh and Maryam have discovered that art can manifest in countless forms and that it’s never too late to pursue one’s dreams. Nafari Moda is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of creativity, the enduring bonds of family, and the profound impact that art can have on our lives. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, innovation and artistic expression can thrive, enriching both our souls and our wardrobes.


Jen Chiang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Opal, a brand that’s all about keeping people safe and secure. Opal is on a mission to create innovative safety wearables, starting with a smart ring designed to discreetly call 911 or emergency contacts when needed. Jen’s inspiration for Opal comes from her experiences living in busy cities like New York and Hong Kong, where personal safety is always a concern. She wanted to make something that empowers people to get help when they don’t feel safe. Opal’s brand idea is about imagining a world where fancy technology and stylish design come together to make personal safety better. Their goal is to create safety wearables that people not only need but also want to wear. Opal’s newest collection includes a smart ring with a hidden panic button that looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry. This achievement happened thanks to teamwork with a talented jewelry designer and Lance Norman, Co-Founder and CTO, who’s an electrical engineer. Users can activate the device by pressing it for a while or double-clicking it, giving them the choice to call 911, emergency contacts, or even trigger a loud siren on their smartphone. Jen Chiang and the Opal team encourage budding fashion entrepreneurs to think about the positive impact and purpose of their brands. They’ve focused on making a product that not only fills an important need but also makes people’s lives better.


Stacey Ollinger’s journey began in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she was raised amidst the vibrant world of horse shows. It was here that she discovered the roots of her entrepreneurial spirit, an inheritance from her mother. Her mother had established a pioneering custom riding apparel company for the show ring, setting the stage for innovative designs and unique fabrics in the industry. Stacey’s career subsequently took her to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and New York, where she immersed herself in the dynamic hospitality sector. This path allowed her to traverse the globe, forging connections with people from diverse backgrounds and fostering a life enriched with experiences.Drawing inspiration from her mother’s legacy, Stacey shares a deep commitment to the fusion of impeccable design and functionality. The result is a collection of high-quality, exquisitely crafted accessories that not only elevate individual style but also seamlessly integrate ease and practicality. Today, Stacey Ollinger resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she shares her life with her husband, two children, three fish, two geckos, and a beloved French bulldog. The Sidecar brand pays tribute to her mother’s creative and affectionate spirit, embodying the essence of innovation and love in every product.

Slime Goggles

Introducing the latest innovation in eyewear fashion, the new and improved Slime Goggles designed by the visionary creator, Knuckles. Crafted with precision and care in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France, these remarkable glasses are set to redefine your eyewear experience. Designed to comfortably fit most face shapes and sizes, they boast a distinct curved profile that not only ensures a superior fit but also adds a touch of style to your everyday look. Slime Goggles are proudly crafted from 100% BioSource plastic. This eco-conscious choice not only highlights their commitment to sustainability but also makes them a unique and environmentally friendly accessory. Step into the future of eyewear with Slime Goggles by Knuckles and experience the perfect fusion of fashion and sustainability. Make a bold statement while making a positive impact on the world—one pair of goggles at a time.


Solipsi is born from an inner “need for expression,” a desire to turn emotions and feelings into real objects, all guided by a deep artistic sense. At its core, Solipsi makes creations that are not just pleasing to the eye but also practical, blending art and usefulness seamlessly. In the world of Solipsi, the objects they create serve both the mind and the body. They fulfill the basic need for protection while also celebrating individuality. This duality creates a fascinating balance between ethics and aesthetics, where practicality becomes a form of art. What makes Solipsi special is its unique ability to create connections that lead to deeply personal and subjective meanings. Each creation is filled with a sense of uniqueness, inviting those who engage with them to find their own interpretations and connections. The true essence of Solipsi lies in its innovative design, constantly pushing the boundaries of form and function. This innovation is reflected in luxurious accessories, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Each accessory is a blend of artistic inspiration and expert craftsmanship, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that goes beyond the ordinary. Solipsi welcomes you to explore a world where artistry and functionality come together, where everyday things become extraordinary. It’s a world where personal expression and beautiful design combine to create accessories that deeply resonate with those who want to make a statement, both in aesthetics and in life.

Sweet Rosie Jewellery

Sweet Rosie, with over two decades of experience, has been crafting exquisite and distinctive jewelry that stands the test of time. One of the hallmarks of Sweet Rosie’s jewelry is its ability to spark conversations and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re wearing a personalized necklace that carries a special meaning or a bold statement cocktail ring that demands attention, you can be sure that a Sweet Rosie piece will be a topic of discussion and admiration. Sweet Rosie’s designs are more than adornments; they are expressions of individuality, style, and personality. When you choose a piece from Sweet Rosie’s collection, you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re wearing a work of art that tells your unique story.

Volta Atelier

In the rich tapestry of Portuguese, “VOLTA” softly conveys a profound message – “return.” In the heart of Brazil, VOLTA ATELIER embraces this message, weaving a unique story of revival and rejuvenation through their upcycled leather handbags, all meticulously hand-stitched. The journey of VOLTA ATELIER begins with a strong commitment to sustainability and a deep passion for artisanal craftsmanship. Their skilled artisans carefully hand-stitch distinctive leather products, thoughtfully selecting discarded leather from accessories factories. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about breathing new life into forgotten materials and preserving cultural heritage. However, VOLTA ATELIER’s mission goes far beyond fashion and sustainability. Through a meaningful partnership with local non-governmental organizations, they champion the empowerment of women. Their artisans come from diverse backgrounds – women refugees from Haiti finding solace in South Brazil, survivors of domestic violence reclaiming their independence, and former inmates seeking a fresh start. VOLTA ATELIER isn’t merely creating handbags; they are crafting opportunities for these women, offering them a source of income and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Wildwood Oyster Co.

In the picturesque coastal state of Maine, where the salty breeze mingles with the rugged beauty of the landscape, there exists a brand that weaves the very essence of the ocean into every thread and stitch. Meet Wildwood Oyster Co., a name synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship and seaside sophistication, drawing inspiration from the very air you breathe by the shore. What makes Wildwood Oyster Co. truly special is their unwavering dedication to creating handbags and accessories that capture the spirit of the sea. Each product isn’t just a piece of fashion; it’s a labor of love, meticulously crafted one at a time to meet the highest standards of excellence. Wildwood Oyster Co. understands that fashion isn’t just about clothing; it’s about making a statement, expressing individuality, and connecting with the world around you. With their salt air-inspired creations, they not only transport you to the water’s edge but also elevate your style, making you stand out in any crowd. In a world where mass production often overshadows craftsmanship, Wildwood Oyster Co. remains steadfast in their commitment to delivering products that aren’t just accessories but works of art. With every Wildwood Oyster Co. creation, you don’t just wear fashion; you carry a piece of the ocean, a touch of Maine, and a slice of timeless elegance.

Winston Leather

Designer Winston Udeagha, the visionary behind the African fashion brand Winston Leather, views leather handbags as more than just a fashion statement; they are an integral part of his heritage. In an interview with Insider, he traced his lineage back to a lineage of leather suppliers rooted in Kano, Nigeria. This city in Nigeria’s northern region is renowned as a leather manufacturing hub. Udeagha’s journey into leather craftsmanship began under the expert guidance of his father, who had inherited this age-old art from their ancestors. He shared insights into the extraordinary appeal of Nigerian leather, explaining, “For literally hundreds of years, this leather has been the most sought after. It has to do with the breed of the animal as well that thrives in Nigeria because of the climate, the food, and the vegetation.” This rich legacy and the unique qualities of Nigerian leather serve as the foundation for Winston Leather’s distinctive creations.


Zena’s Ear Jewelry is crafted with precision using the traditional Japanese technique called “yosemono.” This technique allows for the creation of earrings that defy the usual norms, as it seamlessly connects lines in three-dimensional space, offering unparalleled freedom in design expression. The central idea behind Zena’s Ear Jewelry can be summed up in the phrase, “I hope my jewelry will enhance your special moments.” With each piece, the goal is to elevate and enrich the significance of your cherished moments through the art of adorning the ears.After completing her studies in economics at university, Nao Takanashi, the designer behind Zena Jewelry, ventured into the music industry. There, she channeled her creative talents into the world of music, designing jewelry and fashion pieces that captured the unique essence of various artists’ music videos, CD covers, and live performances. This newfound passion led her to establish the jewelry brand, Zena. Today, her creations are prominently featured in stores across Japan, and numerous Japanese celebrities proudly showcase her designs in magazines and on television. Zena’s Ear Jewelry isn’t just an accessory; it’s an artistic expression that combines tradition, innovation, and a deep commitment to enhancing the beauty of life’s most significant moments.


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