ON x SET: A Fusion of Fashion Aesthetics in the Heart of Rockefeller Center

Fashion’s spectacle has once again graced New York City, and ON x SET has confidently claimed its space on the runway. Orchestrated under the visionary guidance of CEO Dennise Carranza, this unique event unfurled amidst the picturesque settings of 620 Loft and Garden, Rockefeller Center, marking another memorable chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of fashion.

Carranza’s avant-garde vision was brought to life by a multitude of designers, each lending their distinctive touch to the show. The atmosphere was imbued with anticipation and excitement as models, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts gathered under the glitzy Manhattan skies.


Photos: Marce Vela

MUA Magic on the Runway

Every look that sauntered down the runway had the signature touch of Key MUA Cristina Cuellar. Her artistry turned faces into canvases, telling stories of modernity intertwined with classical beauty, adding another layer of allure to the event. Cristina Cuellar is a seasoned makeup designer with nearly 30 years of expertise, encompassing roles as an entrepreneur, presenter, speaker, and international artist. Continually enhancing her techniques, she’s trained in places like Mexico, the US, and France. Cristina has collaborated with major institutions like Tecnológico de Monterrey and Alsea Group, delivering seminars and workshops. Her presence graced media platforms like Fox, HBO, and Televisa. The National Image Director for Miss Mexico in 2016 and 2017, Cristina spearheads bridal styling in Mexico City with a skilled team. As the CEO of her makeup brand, she runs an accredited institute for makeup artists, offers a curated range of products in her store, and operates a beauty studio, all championing women’s beauty and worth.

Star-Studded Evening

ON x SET was not short of stardust, with celebrities like Hilaria Baldwin, Barbara de Regil, Mar de Regil, and Jaqueline Bracamontes in attendance. The runway was further illuminated by the presence of models Maria Fernanda Aristizabal and Ariadna Gutierrez, whose poise and elegance exemplified the very essence of this grand event.

Designers who Dazzled

Alersundi [@alersundi]: The collection showcased by Alersundi blended contemporary cuts with timeless elegance, setting the runway on fire.

Benito Santos [@benitosantosmx]: Santos’s designs echoed a symphony of intricate patterns and bold statements, a true testament to his prowess.

Carlos Pineda [@carlospineda] in collaboration with **Bala Di Gala** [@baladigala] for footwear: Pineda’s line, complemented by Bala Di Gala’s footwear, was a harmonious dance of fabric and form.

Five Sins [five.sins]: Their creations were the embodiment of avant-garde fashion, pushing boundaries and redefining style.
Iann Dey [@iannday]: Dey’s pieces radiated an aura of effortless chic, capturing the essence of modern-day fashionistas.
Manuel Tiscareno** [@tiscarenostudio]: Tiscareno’s designs stood out for their blend of classic lines with contemporary flair.

-Paris Rodriguez [@parisrodriguezdesigns]: Rodriguez brought to the runway a fusion of styles, culminating in a collection that was both refreshing and rooted in tradition.

In conclusion, ON x SET was more than just a fashion event; it was a melange of culture, artistry, and vision. Spearheaded by Dennise Carranza and magnified by the talents of a myriad of designers, it remains etched in the minds of those lucky enough to witness it. As the curtains fall on this year’s show, the world of fashion eagerly awaits what ON x SET will bring next.


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