Taipei Fashion Week SS24: A Youthful Celebration of Streetwear and Culture

Taipei Fashion Week SS24, kicked off its opening show on October 11, 2023, with the theme of “Youth Culture”. The event showcased the latest trends and innovations from Taiwan’s streetwear, as well as the cultural diversity and creativity of the young generation.

Taipei Fashion Week has always emphasized the spirit of cross-border collaboration between fashion and culture, from past seasons featuring arts, indigenous culture, and traditional crafts, to the current season highlighting youth culture. As the global fashion industry recognizes the unique vision and influence of young people on popular culture, youth culture reflects the pursuit of individuality and cultural attitude in fashion choices.

Taipei Fashion Week

Participating brands included (A)crypsis®, 67ARROW, ANOWHEREMAN, JUST IN XX, PLATEAU STUDIO, and oqLiq, which used their own perspectives to interpret the strong desire and critical ability of the youth generation for uniqueness and blended popular elements with fashion concepts to create a wonderful opening for this season.

(A)crypsis® and 67ARROW discarded the usual runway format and instead opted for a dance battle against each other with dancers wearing their own designs. JUST IN XX has taken an experiment approach to fashion design by using AI-generated characters to set the storyline for their presentation. PLATEAU STUDIO is known to use refreshing three-dimensional cuts and prints on streetwear, collaborated with graffiti artist- Reach, to demonstrate the street art creations on-site. While oqLiq used comics as inspiration, collaborated with a 3D animation artist and a cartoonist to create a smart transformation of comic elements into streetwear. ANOWHEREMAN combines the spirit of rock music with contemporary elements. It uses innovative materials and shapes to create a distinctive and retro youth style.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Taipei Fashion Week SS24 opening show successfully highlighted the importance of youth culture in the fashion industry and showcased the diversity and freedom of contemporary fashion. Deputy Minister of Culture, Sue Wang, said that the global culture has entered a trend of more segmentation and diversification. This event has brought together various aspects of youth culture such as AI, music, and local street style, making it an important new momentum for the fashion industry market.

Following the opening show, Taipei Fashion Week will continue through Oct 22. For the latest updates and scheduling information about this season’s runway collections, head to


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